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11:45 PM   April 21, 2015
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Organic Algae Control

Consumers looking to control the spread of algae, the organic way, can still walk away with lots of products to help them on their quest. Despite pet-friendly labeling for FDA approved algaecides, consumers may still be reluctant to buy into your No. 1 seller as the heat of summer causes algae to bloom. However, in addition to algaecides, several other product categories, when marketed appropriately, provide peace of mind and clear water.

Nets, Skimmers and Pond Vacuums
The Pitch: When excess pellet or flake food sinks to the bottom it rots and produces nitrogenous waste products that fuel algae growth. Offer a no-nonsense solution for getting it out. Plants that drop leaves and blooms onto the water’s surface also inadvertently cause algae problems when they decay. Remove both promptly and the building blocks for algae disappear.

Pond Netting and Shade Cloth
The Pitch: Shade a pond or water feature with a canopy of shade cloth. By limiting the sun that falls on the water’s surface, water temperatures stay controlled and the necessary element of algal photosynthesis – sunlight – stays consistent. Keeping leaves out also cuts back on the nutrients algae needs to grow.

Water Garden Plants
The Pitch: Underwater, marginal, or free-floating plants in a pond or the bottom basin of a fountain remove nitrogen and other nutrients from the water that would otherwise fuel algae growth. They double their worth as beautiful, colorful additions to the outdoor environment.

Pond Fish
The Pitch: Fish, like koi and goldfish, add color and movement to a water feature, but their omnivorous habits also mean they clean up stray algae. An added benefit to incorporating fish is their ability to simultaneously fertilize plants with their waste, creating an environmentally friendly circle of life.  <HOME>

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Organic Algae Control

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