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7:23 PM   April 21, 2015
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Setting Up a Display Pond

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Pet specialty retailers who decide to add water garden products to their mix can promote their new category with a display pond. Whether coming from a large waterfall or small tabletop fountain, moving water makes a big impact by drawing would-be customers to the sights and sounds of a liquid display.

When deciding where to put a display pond and how large to make it, consider these expert tips:

  • Placement is Key: A pond makes a stunning centerpiece in a pet store. When a retailer is deciding where to put his display water feature, experts recommend putting it either toward the front of the store to make to capture that initial wow-factor, or installing it near the pond-product or fish section to draw customers to the area. Space-crunched stores may consider a tabletop fountain near the register or a small pre-formed pond with a synthetic-rock waterfall.
  • Keep It Practical: Of course, retailers should also consider practical matters, like easy access to an electrical outlet and close proximity to a water source. If safety is a concern, put up a small fence to prevent young pet owners from taking an accidental swim. And retailers should assign one or two interested employees the pond maintenance task so the feature looks good at all times.
  • Make It Visible: Rather than stick the water garden in a corner hidden behind boxes of pond kits, retailers should make it a prominent feature of the store, using it to display water lilies and pond fish. Surround it with garden ornaments and wildbird feeders. Make it as realistic as possible so customers can envision the pond in their own yards.
  • Tap into Senses: Retailers should include a spitter, fountain or waterfall in their display pond. It will not only aerate the water, but it will also lure customers to the sound of running water. Once they see the feature--and discover that it doesn’t smell bad--they may decide to dive into the hobby themselves, giving retailers a new customer.
  • Use as Educational Tool: The display pond also makes a valuable in-store training tool for show new hobbyists how to set up a pond, how to lay the liner, how to install the pump and filtration system, and how to position plants. Once they see how simple it can be, they’ll be hooked!

A display pond offers retailers the chance to add a dynamic new feature to their stores. When properly installed and maintained, a water garden can trigger a dialogue between salespeople and customers, even if it’s just a simple exchange. And connecting with customers is what it’s all about! <HOME>

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Setting Up a Display Pond

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