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6:30 PM   April 26, 2015
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Vanquish Space Hogs

Ponds supplies take up more room than most other pet supplies. By their flexible nature and free-spirited design, they hog more room than most retailers can spare. Yet, with a few simple display techniques and creative stocking options, any crowded sales floor can accommodate a full line of products.

The Hog: Fittings
The Solution: Bins and Racks

Countless fittings for pond setups have the potential to litter any retail space and waste valuable real estate. From standard/metric conversion couplings to reducing fittings used to affect water pressure and pump performance, hundreds of tiny parts take a fair amount of space to display. Try taking a lesson from your local hardware or home improvement store. Bin systems that revolve on carousels or stack toward the ceiling create efficient ways to showcase what might otherwise result in a disorganized, wasteful pile of fittings. Drawers and compartments also make it easy for customers to find what they need quickly, without having to sort through dozens of piles of seemingly similar hardware.

The Hog: Tubing
The Solution: Spools and Crates

When tubing is left in its original shipping crate or on its factory spool it stays neat, organized and space wise. When it is removed and placed on the shelf or a hook in your retail environment, it quickly becomes a messy, wasteful tangle – intimidating to say the least to even the most experienced do it yourselfer. Simply cutting a dispensing hole in the shipping crate or building a simple rack to hold your tubing spools makes for an easy experience. With a yardstick glued to the floor and a pair of shears nearby, customers can help themselves with little disturbance of your merchandise.

The Hog: Display Pond
The Solution: The Dream Book

Display ponds sell supplies like few things can. But when you’re short on space, multiple displays can be out of the question. Instead, try a simple, small display, paired with a dream book, of sorts. With a few photos from your previous customers, or local landscape professionals, you can easily show what can be accomplished with your merchandise. In the space of a single scrap book, you can showcase hundreds of styles and techniques to ignite the imagination. Offer a comfortable chair, beside your waterfall and let the pictures do the selling. <HOME>

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Vanquish Space Hogs

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