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8:47 PM   April 19, 2015
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Ferrets Have Big Housing Needs

Ferrets represent a great opportunity to sell housing equipment with all the bells and whistles. Their curious, inquisitive personalities and active habits mean consumers need a lot of help in this department to make sure their pets remain happy and healthy.

Condo-Style Cages: As active pets scamper around their enclosure, they need multiple levels to explore and room to spread their wings. On such a high-protein, high-energy diet, ferrets have energy to burn and lots of muscle mass to tone. Large cages with ramps connecting various levels are a must for these animals. Removable pan floors make cleanup a snap – a necessity with such an active pet. Square tube frames and wire cage bars keep inquisitive pets out of harm and still allow them to view their surroundings.

Litter: Litter training presents a great way to bond with a new pet and ensures messes stay localized and easy to clean up. Litter pans come in all shapes and sizes, including corner mounted varieties that resist tipping from aggressive play activities. Recommend more than one type to allow the consumer added flexibility when training their pet in and out of their enclosure.

Hammocks: Enclosure accessories offer ways for consumers to upgrade by outfitting their pets with stylish luxury items. With ferrets, however, accessories are required. Sleep sacks and hammocks that attach easily to cage bars, provide cozy spots for napping and appeal the consumer who wants the very best (and most comfortable) environment for their pet.

Water and Food: Ordinary bowls may work well for most small mammals, but for ferrets more suitable options exist. Convince the consumer of the added expense of stainless steel bowls by emphasizing the ferret’s penchant for chewing and tipping over objects as they search for treasure. Their precocious nature translates into higher-quality products that stand up to their everyday activities.

Playpens: Portable play areas can be created with wire playpens designed for ferrets. Recommend their purchase for owners who plan to let their ferrets out of their pens for indoor or outdoor play time. The up-front investment will give them time to ferret proof the home and yard, while containing their pet in a ferret-safe space.

Pet-Proof Products: Playpens pave the way for a pitch for pet-proofing devices. Cupboard locks, cord keepers, outlet covers and lots of other ferret proofing accessories help consumers keep their valued pets safe from harm. Make sure your customers have all the tools to make their home habitat a ferret habitat. <HOME>

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Ferrets Have Big Housing Needs

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