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7:00 PM   August 27, 2014
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Must-Haves For Stepping Out with a Ferret

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Many ferret-owning customers enjoy walks with their pets in the park or around their neighborhood, and retailers can help make their excursions pleasant ones by recommending these products and tips for traveling out of doors.

  1. Scout the path: Before ferret owners take their pets for a walk, suggest they check the planned path and steer clear of areas with stray dogs or cats, heavy foot traffic or cement or concrete sidewalks, which can feel hot to tiny feet. They should instead choose cool, grassy greenbelts with shade trees and safe things to explore.
  2. Parasite protection: Fleas love ferrets. Remind ferret owners to protect their pets by applying a flea and tick control, like Frontline or Advantage. For specific dosage amounts, recommend customers visit their veterinarian for advice.
  3. Vaccinations: While they’re at the vet, remind customers to get their ferrets up to date on their vaccinations. Canine distemper, for instance, is airborne and can make a ferret very sick. Also suggest they get up to date on their pets’ rabies vaccination. Though it’s unlikely a pet ferret will get rabies, a vaccination can mean the difference between life and death if it scratches or nips a stranger, who might demand the animal be tested for rabies--which can only be done by killing the ferret.
  4. Harness and lead: Curious critters, ferrets off leash will scurry off and explore every bug, bush and hole in the yard--not to mention putting them in danger should a cat or dog discover them. To keep the pet safe and out of harm’s way, retailers should encourage their ferret-owning customers to invest in a high-quality harness and leash for outdoor exploration time. For customers owning more than one ferret, recommend a tandem lead, which allows them to walk two (or more) ferrets at one time.
  5. Soft-sided carrier: Just in case the ferret decides it doesn’t feel like exploring any more, recommend a bag or soft carrier for easy transport. It’s a smart purchase for ferret owner: Carriers aren’t only good for afternoon walks, but they can also be used to take the pet to the veterinarian or travel safely in the car.
  6. Water and ferret-sized dish: Playing in the grass might make a ferret thirsty, so retailers should also recommend owners invest in a small water dish or water bottle for on-the-go refreshment. If the customer plans long excursions, suggest a food bowl, too.

During the spring and fall months when the temperature is just right for walks with ferrets, savvy pet specialty retailers may choose to dedicate an endcap to traveling products for small animals. Display a small-animal carrier, an assortment of harnesses and leashes, and travel bowls and water bottles. It may inspire a customer to hit the road with her pet! <HOME>

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Must-Haves For Stepping Out with a Ferret

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