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6:25 AM   May 06, 2015
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Rabbit Popularity Multiplies

Rabbits have grown tremendously in popularity as pets in the United States. Industry watchers, including the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association rate them close behind birds and aquarium fish. As the only small mammal to occupy the top-five slot, rabbits represent a great opportunity to profit from the growing trend of pocket pets.

Their size, care requirements, temperaments and cute factor hold appeal for many consumers. The wide range of supplies they require hold just as much appeal to retails looking to outfit new owners with the best tools for success at the rabbit keeping hobby.

Must Haves
It’s important to make the distinction between indoor versus outdoor rabbits, as they are kept in both locations by hobbyists. Though house rabbit advocates recommend keeping rabbits only indoors, many homeowners prefer to keep them in hutches outside the home.

Besides the supplies both creatures need: fresh hay, pellets, water bottles, litter pans, litter, toys and the like, for each circumstance there are different housing supplies to stock. A rural client base may be more inclined to go the outdoor route, while space-saving suburbanites choose to bring their rabbits indoors.

Outdoor Supplies

  • Wooden or wire hutches with sun protection, pull out litter pans and various levels to explore find a market among consumers looking for deluxe accommodations for their new pets.
  • Nesting boxes with bedding material, such as hay or pine shavings, allow a secure escape from the elements and a warm place to snuggle when temperatures dip.
  • Heated water bowls or electric deicers keep an outdoor rabbit’s source of water available when below-freezing temperatures arrive.
  • Protection from predators is a concern for many who house their rabbits outdoors. Be sure to offer fencing and other deterrent devices to keep feral cats, foxes, coyotes and other animals at bay.

Indoor Supplies

  • Wire cages with solid platforms to rest upon make indoor rabbit cages safe for delicate paws. Consumers who bring their rabbits indoors look for space conserving housing options that still offer their pets room to roam.
  • Litter pans and litter find more of a market with house rabbit owners who worry about containing waste and the odors they cause. Enzymatic cage cleaners also provide for the special needs of these owners.
  • Rabbit proofing devices keep house rabbits out of danger. Consider marketing safety locks for cupboards, electrical cord covers and other pet-proofing supplies. As rabbits explore the indoor environments, poisonings and electrocutions rank high on the list of health risks. 


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Rabbit Popularity Multiplies

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