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6:31 AM   April 27, 2015
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How many of your customers ask about the safety of the food and treats they buy?
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Top Ferret Fixes

Ferrets of all ages are prone to a variety of health problems. Fortunately for retailers, supplements offer help for each of these most common ailments. Make sure your staff knows what to recommend to a newly diagnosed, and rightfully concerned, consumer.  

Wasting Disease
High-calorie dietary supplements, fatty treats rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, make great ways to combat this condition characterized by chronic diarrhea and weight loss. Also referred to as Aleutian Disease, ferrets with appetite issues crave high-nutrient snacks. Tubes of high-calorie paste can be offered frequently, depending on the severity of the case. The dietary supplementation helps ferrets get the nutrients they need while trying to fight off the disease.

Adrenal Dysfunction
Full-spectrum lighting in the home during normal daylight hours has been proven effective as a preventive for adrenal dysfunction in ferrets. Though the only cure is surgery, establishing natural sleep/wake cycles with adequate natural light helps slow the impact of this common condition. Though it may seem unusual at first, try recommending your ferret customers purchase full-spectrum lighting products from your reptile or fish areas.

Intestinal Blockage
Ferrets are notoriously curious, meaning they get into all kinds of mischief, including prohibited food items. Owners truly must do all they can to preventing intestinal blockage in their curious pets. Recommend hairball laxatives, which can and should be offered on a daily basis to keep a ferret’s digestive tract running smoothly.

Growths of tumors on the pancreas (insulinomas) can cause excess insulin in ferrets, resulting in hypoglycemia. The best prevention strategies for owners worried about this common, and sometimes fatal, disorder starts with diet. High-protein, low-sugar, low simple carbohydrate diets help prevent the onset of insulinomas. Target concerned ferret owners with high-protein, meaty treats for optimum health. <HOME>

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Top Ferret Fixes

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