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12:14 AM   April 25, 2015
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Interzoo Observations


Small and Perfectly Formed


The Komodo stand at Interzoo

My lasting impression of Interzoo this year is that small is now considered profitable--at least in the aquatics field. It seemed that wherever I looked, there was a wide range of nano or pico tanks, often housing colorful small crustaceans in attractively planted setups. This trend was perhaps best summed-up by the launch of the Fluval Ebi range from Hagen--ebi is the Japanese word for shrimp.

Some may see tanks of this size as the ultimate executive gift, whereas other people will consider them as ideal to brighten up a dull corner in the home. There is no doubt that such units have plenty of potential with a number of the setups reminding me of bonsai displays in some respects.

Aside from their size, though, what really struck me was the improvement in lighting technology. This added greatly to their, as well as ensuring healthy plant growth. LED technology is rapidly becoming the industry standard in the aquarium field. These lights are not only more flexible and robust, but also use less power than traditional aquarium lighting.

Ethical Developments

British firms exhibiting at Interzoo generally seemed to record an upsurge in business, suggesting that confidence is returning to the market, in spite of all the economic uncertainty presently surrounding the Euro-zone. Leicester-based reptile care specialist Komodo was among those that were busy throughout much of the show, developing its sales in mainland Europe.

The Komodo brand, taking its name from the largest lizard in the world, is quite unusual. It’s an enlightened, trail-blazing example of how the pet industry will need to develop during the next decade or so. Its development has been focused very much on ethical principles.

"We feel that we should all now be living sustainably as far as possible, and our products reflect this,” Komodo’s Des Ong said.

Environmental issues have been a prime consideration throughout the development of the Komodo brand.

"Our parent company, Underworld Products, was the first in the industry to offset carbon emissions and become carbon neutral/balanced, and we subscribe to this ideal, too.

"Our approach is also reflected in the design of our products. Whenever possible, raw materials are being sourced and manufactured in the U.K. Almost all of the packaging is either recycled or recyclable material, and we even have biodegradable plastic packaging in the range. The printing inks are also eco-friendly vegetable oils, rather than petroleum oils.”

Des said the company has also chosen to follow the guidelines of the Plain English Campaign, ensuring that Komodo’s packaging and instructions are customer-friendly and easy to understand.

"Nor have we forgotten our commitment to conservation and the environment’ we contribute to the Wae Wuul Protection Plan for Komodo Dragons, on Komodo Island itself, as well as supporting the International Reptile Conservation Foundation,” he added.

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Interzoo Observations

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