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2:16 PM   April 28, 2015
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Reports from Petindex, Part 2 -- New British Products

October 13, 2010, 1:50 p.m., EDT

Creating a Flap

The first cat flap was created by Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) and now cutting-edge RFID technology has led to the latest development in the long history of cat flap design. It is now possible to use an implanted microchip as a cat’s "personal door key.”

Developed under the name of Sureflap, this innovative microchip cat flap has been selected as part of the "Creative Britain” trail at GLEE/PetIndex, which highlights great contemporary British design. SureFlap uses sophisticated low-power recognition technology to identify the pet’s unique microchip, and will only open for "approved”’ animals. The technology also enables it to be battery-powered, resulting in a cat flap that can be fitted nearly anywhere.
Judith Bank, SureFlap’s marketing manager, said that the company is keen to support retailers.

"Many cat owners may already have an existing ‘Newtonian’ style cat flap or believe that because they have a glass door, they can’t have a cat flap fitted,” she said. "Our demonstration shows how easy it is for a cat to use SureFlap and the videos explain in simple terms how it can be fitted.” Also available are special mounting accessories for glass and wall installation.”

Odor Control and More

Pet odors in the home and elsewhere can be a serious problem, but an ambitious young entrepreneur from the north-east of England has developed a groundbreaking new innovation that she claims will mark a revolutionary advance in the pet care sector. Victoria Browning, of 2Pure Products Ltd, launched her company’s new Pet Fresh odor control product range as part of Petindex’s Innovation Zone.

According to Victoria, the technologically advanced 3-in-1 formula works in a way that is unique compared with any other product on the market. It is scientifically proven to destroy odor compounds immediately, as well as their bacterial source, while also cleaning and removing any associated stains. More importantly, the products are so effective there is no need for a perfume, so the product range is fragrance-free for added pet comfort.

"Our priority was always one of safety,” she said. :The products needed to be so effective at destroying odors so that fragrances, which often cause allergies or sensitivity in pets, were not needed, and we achieved our aim.”

The new products have been tested by independent laboratories and have been proven to outperform competing products in destroying odors, as well as killing 99 percent of harmful bacteria, according to the manufacturer. Consumer trials have been hugely successful, with pet owners keen to purchase products from the range as soon as possible, the company reports.

Those now currently available include an odor eliminator for fabrics, carpets and surfaces around the home; a cleaner for hutches and cages of small animals, plus a cleaner for kennels, patios or other large areas.

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Reports from Petindex, Part 2 -- New British Products

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