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4:45 AM   April 18, 2015
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Honesty is the Best Policy


I find myself sitting down to write this blog, and I realize my recent posts have been "observations” that can be interpreted as venting. I’m not sure why. Maybe after two stores and six years in business, I have become slightly jaded. Or maybe it is because in a few days I will be turning 40! Yikes. Whatever it may be, I am certain that my fellow pet boutique owners can relate to this post. So enjoy my latest ramblings about vendors.



Why do vendors do some of the things they do? I mean, we are all in business together. I know that things can come up unexpectedly that cause a complete change in plans. I know that sometimes small fibs are told in order to stave off a major issue. However, I have to scratch my head sometimes when:
1. A vendor identifies a shipping date and an expected receipt date for an order. When that receipt date comes and goes with no delivery, you usually contact the vendor a few days later for an update. More times than not, the vendor promises to ship the order out that day. What if you hadn’t called for a week? Two weeks? A month? Would your order still be sitting there unshipped? It’s like all the orders are lined up and ready to go at the warehouse but only the ones that have been followed up on are loaded onto the truck that day.
2. A vendor charges you the full amount on an order. When you open the box, there are several items missing(usually the ones you are waiting on for a customer). When you ask the vendor when the missing items will be shipped, there is silence on the other end of the phone. Well, if you have no idea when the other items will ship, why did you charge my account for those items? What do mean you can’t credit my account?
3. A vendor identifies that an item is on backorder, but there is an expected date when the item will be in-stock. Based on this, you continue to sell that item in your store, giving your customers an expected date that the item can be picked up. You check back frequently with the vendor on the item. Near the date the item is expected back in at the vendor, you find out that the item has been discontinued. Lovely, better check the message board.
Attention vendors: Remember the saying "Do unto others, as you would want done unto you.” I am not asking a lot. Just be honest, do your best to fill my order, update me on any unexpected delays and please don’t charge me for items that I don’t receive. Enough said. Now I better go blow out my candles on my birthday cake before the house burns down.


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Honesty is the Best Policy

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