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3:11 AM   May 05, 2015
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New Greeter at Sloppy Kisses

After more than six months of being without a dog, our house is a home again filled with the beautiful harmony of tail thumping, playful growling and soft whimpering thanks to Santa who delivered an eight-week-old Peekapoo on Christmas morning. My daughters, Madison and Ava, are over the moon with joy over Daisy, the new addition to our family. Our hearts, having sufficiently healed from the loss of our beloved Chocolate Lab, Marley, in June 2011 are filled again with that familiar tingle you can only understand if you’ve ever had a dog in your life.

Melanie's new puppy, a Peekapoo.
Melanie's new puppy, Daisy, a Peekapoo.
It has been almost 15 years since we’ve had a puppy in the house. You really do forget what it is like: fits of energy followed by long naps; anything on or near the floor going directly into the puppy’s mouth; the razorblade teeth; and, of course, the sloppy kisses accompanied by that indescribable puppy breath. I am sure there are thousands of other families "discovering” what it is like to have a new puppy in the house post-holiday season. We’ve had the opportunity to test out a number of the products that we sell to proud new fur baby parents. Make sure you have a sizable "New Puppy” section in your boutique that caters to this segment of your customer base. Daisy is very fond of sweet potato chews, her Planet Dog Lil’ Pup Orbee-Tuff bone and her pink Tuffy Jr. Ring.

After a relatively short period of adjustment to her new surroundings, Daisy is settling well into our daily routine and learning the ropes of being the official greeter at Sloppy Kisses. My girls have dressed Daisy in just about every pink outfit I have in the store and my husband even snuck in a canine Dallas Cowboys jersey for the big game this past Sunday night. It is amazing how quickly this little fuzzball of joy injected something into our hearts, making us forever indebted for all the joy she has already brought into our lives. As I sit and think about the future, I hope Daisy shares many family milestones with us as my daughters grow into beautiful young ladies. Based on the bond that has already formed in just this past week, I do believe my girls’ adult lives will always include a four-legged furry friend.

Somewhere in doggie heaven this past week, Marley paused during her daily routine (which I’m sure includes endlessly fetching tennis balls out of a majestic lake) and smiled…happy for us that our hearts are filled again with puppy love.

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New Greeter at Sloppy Kisses

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