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9:39 PM   April 21, 2015
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Saying Goodbye to Marley

Posted: June 17, 2011, 3:30 p.m., EDT

Over the last year, I’ve blogged several times about the many joys of owning a dog. Unfortunately, this past week I experienced the other side of that coin as we had to say goodbye to our 14½ year-old chocolate lab, Marley. With the tumor on her elbow growing by the day and her back legs not being able to support her, she was really struggling just to walk. Her disposition changed markedly—no more tail wagging, chasing the ball or giving herself grass baths. Although I knew the day was coming, I didn’t expect her to deteriorate so quickly. We all knew (my husband, both my daughters and I) that it was time.

So on Monday morning (June 13), we all took that drive every dog owner dreads—going to the vet to put down our beloved dog. I can’t capture in words all the feelings, thoughts and memories that raced through my head as we each said goodbye to Marley on that Monday morning. However, I’d like to share my daughter’s goodbye letters because I think they capture that innate bond that exists between humans and canines. From my 11 year-old…

Dear Marley,
You were the best dog ever, the only one I ever had. You fought through a lot the past couple of months and you’re really strong. I love you and I will never forget you. I remember when I used to swing on the swings and you went right in front of them and you rolled around in the grass. It was really funny. Ninety-eight in dog years is a very long time to live for a dog. Just shows that you’re a really special dog. I love you so much.
Love Forever,
Madison (your younger human sister)

This is from my 8 year-old. While the spelling is not the greatest, the emotion certainly is. Note that our friends recently lost their Min Pin, Rocky, as he was hit by a car…

I hope you get to run around with Rocky in Heven. I know you will love Rocky. Don’t you ever forget about me! I love you so much Marley. It’s been a big experience with you. Do you remember when I used to through the ball and if you caught it I would give you a treat! I know you used to love playing with me. You always made me happy when I was sad. You are my favorite dog in the whole world!

I don’t know how long it will take for the void in my heart to close. Thoughts still pop into my head about going home to feed the dog or let her outside to go to the bathroom. I still set aside treats to take home from my shop, even though there is no dog there to eat them. I doubt there will ever be another dog that I will bond with like I did with Marley…but you know darn well, when I’m good and ready, that I’m going to try it again because the house is just too quiet without a furry friend.

We love you Marley and miss you so very much…

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Saying Goodbye to Marley

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Reader Comments
Anyone who has ever loved a furry companion will feel the heartbreak in deepest sympathy to all the Dallas' in the loss of their beloved furiend. They were great companions to Marley and it is obvious that Marley added much joy and love to their lives. May Marley rest in peace and may the Dallas' heart also find peace over time.
Terri, Clifton Park, NY
Posted: 6/20/2011 11:19:40 AM
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