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6:29 AM   April 27, 2015
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Pet Product News Editorial Blog:

March 3, 2011

Aquarium Safety and Convenience

By David Lass


In the competition to sell tanks, filters, lighting systems and fish, there are two very simple items that should always be offered as a “must have” for any aquarium. These are a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and a lighting timer.

Water and electricity are a potentially dangerous combination. My first introduction to this fact of life was when I was working in a local fish store as a kid, and I somehow or other touched both a lighting fixture and the metal frame of a tank (yes, I really am that old that I remember metal- framed tanks). I got knocked off the ladder and was lucky it was nothing worse. GFCIs prevent this from happening by turning the power off immediately if there is any leak to ground--like through a person. There are any number of combinations of extension cords/multiple outlets that have GFCIs built right into them. GFCIs should be offered with every tank sold, and they should be right at the cash register with a big sign encouraging folks with existing tanks to make the small investment in one.

The second item that should be on every tank is a simple lighting timer. More problems with fish tanks turning green and algae invading everything come from the aquarium lights being left on for too long. A simple timer, again an inexpensive add-on sale at the cash register, should be sold with every light.

Some of the better lighting systems do not even have on/off switches--they can only be controlled with a timer. Many timers are available with the capability of having more than one on/off period, which allows the hobbyist to limit the period of time the tank is illuminated, but have a period in the morning and then again at night when the lights are on.

A GFCI and a lighting timer, while perhaps not seeming to be especially “aquatic,” are really a necessity for all tanks. Not only can you make some extra profit on these items, but you will also be assuring your customers a good experience with their aquariums.

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Aquarium Safety and Convenience

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