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4:12 AM   April 26, 2015
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Pet Product News Editorial Blog:

April 29, 2011


By David Lass


One of the best things about the “flatness” of our world is that we have instantaneous communication and excellent air freight service from all corners of the earth. This includes the ornamental fish business. I’m a teeny-weeny fish wholesaler here in New England, but I have access to all the fish varieties, most of which are from the Far East. I call my transshipper on Wednesday and order from his huge list of fish from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Bangkok, China, etc. The fish come in to him in Los Angeles on Sunday. He changes water, pulls deads and reoxygenates the bags, and I pick them up at the airport on Monday morning; they are in local fish stores by the end of the week.

Of all the fish available, one group that I think has been overlooked by many wholesalers and retail stores are the smaller fancy goldfish from China. It is my experience that the Chinese fancy goldfish are far superior to any others offered to the industry from other sources in other countries, including available domestic varieties. Goldfish from China are beautiful and hardy fish--albeit not “competition grade” fish, but they do not have competition grade prices either.

I have found that the smallest sizes are not the best value. Rather, I bring in what is sold as a 6cm to 7cm fish, making them about 2 ½-plus inches in overall size. I treat them with Quick-Cure when they first come in, and keep them in fairly hard water at around 7.2 pH. Although there are other sizes and country’s goldfish available, this size from China has worked out the best for me. You can get them in just about every variety and color pattern possible, including black moors, gold fantails, orandas and red cap orandas, different ryukins, celestials, telescopes and lionheads. All of these varieties I wholesale at $1.29. Other varieties, such as pearscales and bubble-eyes, I sell for $1.79.

In terms of value, color and hardiness these 6cm to 7cm fancy goldfish from China are outstanding. If your fish wholesaler does not carry them, you might want to suggest that they bring some in.

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