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4:46 AM   April 18, 2015
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Are Mom & Pop Pet Stores becoming more Corporate?

July 8, 2013, 10:00 am EDT

By Patrick Donston

In one of our latest meetings we discussed the idea of having name tags made for us to wear in the shop.

The conversation caused quite a stir for some, although the consensus thought it was a good idea that our clients are able to identify "who we are, experience level, and specialties (if applicable).”

We segued into the new protocol this May amidst some interesting comments from my employees.  One of the most interesting was, "I used to think we were such a unique Mom & Pop shop, when now we just seem to be so corporate.”  I thought about that and responded this way…

Yes, Alex you may be right. Although, do you know the problem with Mom & Pop shops in the 21st Century?  They’re struggling more now than ever just to stay in business.  American business has been changing ever since its inception in the 1700’s.  Today’s business model and consumer demands transparency on the retailers’ end.  The internet/social media are just some of the causes for this evolutionary change.  I’m not a corporate guy, although we can learn through wise executive ideas as they are usually quick to adapt.  Innovative boards and CEOs can be valuable to us and we should have cognitive minds open to today’s "good business.”  In other words; "be able to zoom in and out as needed.” (J. Collins, T. Hansen 2011)

Name Tag
To wear or to not wear name tags? Photo Credit iStockphoto

I believe there will always be a place for Mom & Pop in America.  We will remain one because we do something big corporations do not do.  That is a more personal agenda to serve our communities, employees, customers, and suppliers; whereas the ideology of many large corporations is to serve the shareholders. No Alex, I do not believe we are going corporate. We are simply using "good business" practice of which our clients demand from us.

The problem we experience with Mom & Pop shops tends to be complaints of the changing world rather than solutions to the problems created by the change.  We all can learn through corporate mistakes and corporate success.

Reference+ Suggested Reading:
Great by Choice, J. Collins and M. Hansen -2011, Harper Collins Publishing <HOME>


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Are Mom & Pop Pet Stores becoming more Corporate?

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