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9:26 PM   April 20, 2015
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Pet Product News Editorial Blog:

April 16, 2013

Promote Wave Controllers in Your Store

By David Lass


Not to be a heretic, but some aquarium products manufacturers come up with can be a bit over the top and do not really contribute to the success of an aquarium or to the health of the fish. Weekend feeder blocks for Siamese fighting fish (bettas) is one such product that comes to mind. The notion that bettas need to be fed over the weekend is silly, but a sale is a sale, I guess. Despite these questionable few, most of the new products are excellent, serve a real need in keeping fish, and should be strongly encouraged by all of us. The new batch of wave-making controllers now available for marine tanks—especially reef tanks—are a prime example of a simple product that fills a real need in the aquarium.

Marine aquarium
Wave controllers simulate reef fish's natural habitat.
Anyone who has ever been snorkeling or scuba diving on a reef knows how strong the currents are. This is the natural environment that our reef fish are used to, and trying to imitate it in a reef tank with just a couple of small powerheads is good, but we can do better.

Enter the wave controllers. These wonderful little devices have been around for quite a while, but in the last couple of years they have become much more interesting. Now it is possible to vary the amount of time that each powerhead comes on, thus dramatically and accurately bringing the real wave motion of the reef in nature to the reef aquarium in a hobbyist’s living room.

With incredible technological breakthroughs in electronics, there are now some controllers that can be programmed from a cell phone. One chap I was speaking with at a company that makes these products told me it is only a short while before we will be able to not only control our reef tanks (or any tank for that matter) from a cell phone, but also to see what is going on in the tank with a small camera hooked up to the computer.

All of these products that they are continuing to be introduced for the reef geeks appeal strongly to 1.) those who are really hooked on the technology and/or 2.) the many hobbyists out there who simply like to see how much money they can spend on their hobby. The wave controllers, especially when compared to other lighting, control and filter equipment for marine tanks, are fairly inexpensive. Of course, the more bells and whistles on them, the higher the price, but in general they are affordable by anyone who can afford a reef tank. They are a real necessity, and I encourage retailers to promote them in their stores.

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Promote Wave Controllers in Your Store

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