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5:42 AM   April 26, 2015
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Pet Product News Editorial Blog:

December 7, 2012

How Hurricane Sandy Destroyed My Condo and My Holiday Retail Plans

Julie Jacobs


Instead of practicing what I preach and gearing up for the Christmas rush, I have been sidetracked by other priorities thanks to Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. Our small condo at the New Jersey shore was totally destroyed, so the past few weeks have been focused on damage control.

You cannot begin to imagine the devastation at the shore. Our insurance adjustor has been working for close to 30 years around the country and he said he has never seen anything quite like this.

Our condo’s damage, as well as the town’s, was beyond the imagination. Scarily enough, we were one of the areas hardly touched; you can’t begin to imagine what occurred in other areas. Our apartment had more than 5 feet of water mixed with sand, backed up sewage, oil from the elevator shaft, fish, a few random crabs and even a lobster down the hall. Everything had to be thrown out, including all appliances, water heaters, air conditioner, furnace, etc., due to rust from the salt water, plus bacteria and mold.

Our boardwalk was also devastated. A 2-foot thick sea wall: gone. Bricks were strewn all over the

Hurricane Sandy Devastates Jersey Shore
place, as far as four blocks away. The benches on the boardwalk have huge cement legs. You could move them if you wanted to, yet they can now be found three blocks away. The restrooms went up in the air, flipped and fell upside down right where they use to stand—so bizarre to look at.

In neighboring towns, houses were floating in the bay while others were submerged to rooftop. Gigantic trees with root bases the size of a room were down all over the place. Sand piled as high as the five-story condo it stood next to. In one town, the entire boardwalk and stores were washed away to sea; so were bridges and piers. Gas lines exploded and caused fires in some towns; others were completely wiped out or washed away.

As we are all dedicated to the pets in our lives, you will be happy to know that most of the area’s pets have fared very well, according to news reports. Many were able to be evacuated with their owners. For the most part, people listened to the evacuation warnings and sought shelter in safer areas. Luckily, the shelters permitted pets to join their families. Those who stayed behind (with or without their families) were rescued and brought to local shelters and facilities where there have been many reunions.

Unfortunately, many people are now homeless and are living with friends, family or in hotels. I hope their pets will be able to stay with them during these tough times. Thankfully, many more shelters have been more open to pets due to the situation. I hope that remains the case and the pets can stay with their owners throughout these trying times.

See you soon with more retail tales!

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How Hurricane Sandy Destroyed My Condo and My Holiday Retail Plans

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