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4:06 AM   April 26, 2015
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Celebrity Dogs


Dog with white collarWell, I decided to go for it. Last weekend my good friend Joe and I took in a matinee to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Joe is one of those great people who expresses earnest enthusiasm over these kinds of movies (case in point: he invited me to a midnight showing of High School Musical 3 a couple weeks ago on its opening night), so I knew he would be the perfect buddy for this outing.

There is so much pet style in this film! Doggie Design’s little outfit was part of a montage of outfits from which the starring Chihuahua, Chloe (voice by Drew Barrymore) had to choose during a whirlwind Beverly Hills shopping trip with her owner. There were doggie sunglasses, hats, skirts and dresses; booties played a major role in the narrative. The movie is a typical “fish out of water” story, with Chloe getting lost in Mexico and finding her inner “tiny but mighty” Chihuahua, so the clothing isn’t a major factor throughout the entire flick, but I think there is enough bling and couture to get some kids excited about dressing their own dogs. I hope all of you boutique owners will tell me if customers let you know that the movie inspired them to make some purchases.

I can’t help but revisit another topic from last week—President Bush’s dog, Barney. On the same day that I chose to blog about the Scottish terrier, he shocked the White House press corps by biting Reuters TV White House Correspondent Jonathan Decker. In an online video taken after Decker was treated by the White House physician, the reporter said Barney clearly “wasn’t in the mood to be pet.”

I have to say, Barney looked a little ornery before the petting attempt, and I’m not sure I would have approached him from above like Decker did, but I think the attack was understandable on both sides: the reporter was probably still exhausted from covering the election earlier in the week, and Barney was probably angry about having to leave the White House in January. I’m sure he’s grown rather accustomed to his celebrity status.

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