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9:52 PM   March 03, 2015
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Category: Herp > Bedding, Substrate Products
ReptiSand: Zoo Med's ReptiSand, available in Natural Red and Desert White, contains no added dyes or chemicals and is ideal for naturalistic terrarium setups. It... more >>
Category: Herp > Books, Media
“What Reptile? A Buyer's Guide for Reptiles and Amphibians”: Barron's Educational Series' “What Reptile? A Buyer's Guide for Reptiles and Amphibians,” by Chris Mattison, is designed to offer guidance for... more >>
Mode of Action guidelines for HEALx topical products: Harrisons' Pet Products has made available Mode of Action guidelines for HEALx topical products at no charge. The company says it is offering the... more >>
Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 3rd Edition: William J. Bacha Jr., Ph.D., and Linda M. Bacha, VMD, author a practical benchside reference focusing on the normal histology of eight common domestic... more >>
Veterinary Microbiology and Microbial Disease, 2nd Edition: An academic team updates and expands an essential text on bacteriology, mycology and virology and provides concise descriptions of groups of... more >>
Category: Herp > Cages, Terrariums, Accessories
Penn-Plax's Reptology Granite Stone Hide-Aways: Penn-Plax offers its Reptology Granite Stone Hide-Aways made of resin and natural ground granite stone and designed to meet a herp's natural need to... more >>
Reptology Granite Stone Hide-Aways: Penn-Plax's Reptology Granite Stone Hide-Aways, made of resin and natural ground granite stone, are designed to meet herps' natural need to hide and... more >>
biOrbAIR: Reef One's biOrbAIR is a completely automated terrarium for amphibians and tropical plants, such as orchids, and mimics a miniature rainforest through... more >>
Exo Terra's Crystal Cave: Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. brings geodes to terrariums with Exo Terra's Crystal Cave, a hideout for reptiles, amphibians and insects. The Cave... more >>
Repti Rapids LED Waterfalls: Zoo Med's Repti Rapids LED Waterfalls beautify and light any terrarium with their natural-looking waterfall and waterproof LED lights, the company... more >>
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