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8:15 PM   April 26, 2015
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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 2 of 11)

Brinsea Products Inc.
KatKabin DezRez
Booth No: 3049

The KatKabin DezRez indoor/outdoor cat house is made from high-grade fade-resistant materials specifically designed to withstand all weather conditions and is the ideal snug shelter, providing warmth, comfort and safety, according to the company. Great for patio or balcony use as well as indoors, it comes with a removable KatFlap and insulating KatKushion, the manufacturer reports. The coziness of the KatKabin can be further improved with an optional Winter Warmer, which lines the whole inner wall with a super-soft insulated sleeve, the company adds. It is available in six colors: Spring Green, Divine Purple, Chocolate Brown, Starlet Red, Royal Blue and Hot Pink.



Cain & Able Collection
KissAble Probiotic Oral Hygiene Spray
Booth No: 446

This probiotic oral hygiene spray keeps dogs mouths balanced and healthy by reducing plaque-causing bacteria, which can cause bad breath, gum disease, multiple infections and heart disease, the company reports. The probiotics are produced through a natural fermentation process that utilizes organic and natural ingredients, the company adds. It is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered or modified (non-GMO).



Caitec Corporation
Cage Mount Ball
Booth No: 2558

The Cage Mount Ball is made of durable polycarbonate and stainless-steel hardware and is dishwasher safe. It provides stimulating and foraging activity, the manufacturer reports. The slotted ball slides up and down and can be filled with nuts, fresh fruit/veggies, popcorn, birdie bread, etc, plus the rotating dish catches spillage, the company adds.



Canine Caviar Pet Foods Inc.
Venison and Split Pea Grain Free Dinner
Booth No: 562

Venison and Split Pea Grain Free Dinner is made from human-grade meats and grains, and is only cooked for six seconds to stimulate natural digestive enzymes, the company reports. For dessert, treat pets to Canine Caviar buffalo treats, which are made from 100-percent free-range grass-fed buffalo, and are antibiotic and growth hormone-free, the company adds. Buffalo have 70- to 90-percent less fat than beef, and on average, 50-percent less cholesterol.



Canine Friendly
Canine Lifejacket
Booth No: 354

The Canine Lifejacket is made of ultra-buoyant non-PVC foam, the company reports. Its ergonomic design keeps dogs in a natural swimming position while the low profile handle makes it easy to assist dogs back onto a boat, dock or steep riverbank, the company adds.



Central Life Sciences
D-Worm Combo Broad Spectrum De-Wormer
Booth No: 3155

D-Worm Combo Broad Spectrum De-Wormer contains a highly effective combination of actives to treat and control roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms in puppies and dogs all in one convenient dose, the company reports. Choose the size that is right for your customers’ dogs--Puppies and Small Dogs from 6 to 25 pounds or Medium and Large Dogs greater than 25 pounds.



Classic Accessories
Dogabout Products
Booth No: 3961

Dogabout food and hydration travel pack holds and dispenses water and food, and stores small items. It can hold up to eight pounds of kibble in the main compartment; roll top-closure keeps food fresh and dry and makes a great carrying handle, the company adds. Additional features include a 1.5-liter water reservoir with pour tube; a removable shoulder strap; a front pocket that holds treats or shoulder straps; a rugged water-resistant and repellent pack shell; a non-skid bottom; convenient grab-and-pour handles on both sides; and a zip-away bowl.



Claudia’s Canine Cuisine
Honey’s Bakery
Booth No: 3172

Claudia’s Canine Cuisine and Honey’s Bakery presents selections from its 2010 premium gourmet canine treat line. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine reports it has been making “Noticeably Different” treats for more than 12 years. These new designs, along with many others, are offered through a unique boutique bakery program, a bakery bin plan, exclusive packaged line and private labels, the manufacturer states. All products are manufactured in the USA and made with 100-percent human-grade ingredients, the company reports.



The Company of Animals
Pet Corrector
Booth No: 2989

The Company of Animals presents the Pet Corrector training product for domesticated pets in the United Kingdom. When the nozzle on the container is pressed, the product emits a blast of compressed air that gives off a loud hissing sound. The hissing stops unwanted behaviors in dogs and cats, the company reports. When used with the proper training procedures, the Pet Corrector can interrupt—and eventually stop—undesirable actions, the company adds. Available in 50ml and 200ml cans.



Complete Natural Nutrition
Terrabone Dental Chew Bones
Booth No: 331

Complete Natural Nutrition has launched new condition-specific Terrabone formulas. Terrabone Jump’n Joints is formulated with glucosamine and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for hip and joint support, and Terrabone B-Calm is designed to maintain calm behavior. All Terrabone formulsa, including the original Terrabone Fresh Breath are all-natural edible dental chew bones made with 50-percent organic ingredients, the company reports. The No. 1 ingredient is organic brown rice. There is no wheat, corn, soy, gluten, artificial ingredients, and no animal by-products (including gelatin or animal glycerin), the company adds. Terrabones are low fat and available in two sizes.



Conceptual Creations Pet Products (CCPet)
Lagoon Deep Soaker Series
Booth No: 3986

The Lagoon Deep Soaker Series is designed to accommodate the need for a deep-soaking pond for larger snakes, lizards and amphibians or as an appropriately sized swimming pool for amphibians. Offered in a variety of colors and small, medium, and large sizes, the series creates functional water-features for every conceivable environment, from a rainforest water pool to a desert oasis and every climate zone in between, the company reports. Special features include easy-cleaning (dishwasher), smooth surface and cast colors (not paint), plus they conduct heat, the company adds.



Concord Keystone Trading LLC
iPick Up pouches
Booth No: 3989

Environmentally friendly iPick Up pouches are made from materials woven from 100-percent recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) water bottles, the company reports. Available in four stylish color combinations, the pouches are loaded with a roll of 15 biodegradable and certified compostable iPick Up dog waste bags, and fasten to leashes with a Velcro strap, the company adds.



Critzas Industries Inc.
Groomer's Goop Rinse Free Shampoo Wipes
Booth No: 611

Groomer's Goop Rinse-Free Shampoo Wipe is designed to be used in between the normal grooming process to maintain the coats of cats and dogs, leaving them squeaky clean and fresh-scented, the company states. The Groomer's Goop disposable shampoo wipe is great for removing grease, oil, and wonderful for a quick clean up, the company adds.



Dexas International Ltd.
Adjustable Pet Feeder
Booth No: 601

Adjustable legs allow your customers to increase the height of the feeder as their pets grow. The elevated position of the bowls eliminates stress placed on joints caused by leaning while eating, improves digestion and encourages an ergonomically correct feeding posture, the company reports. The adjustable pet feeder is especially beneficial for older dogs and dogs with arthritis, the company adds. Detachable, collapsible bowls wash completely clean in the dishwasher and the entire feeder collapses for easy storage when not in use.



DogChewz NYC
Toy Temptations line of treats
Booth No: 515

DogChewz NYC announces a redesign of the packaging of its “Toy” Temptations line of treats. The standup resealable bags now hold 8 ounces instead of 4. Each bag is a different color corresponding to the flavor; yellow for Chicken Parmesan, red for Pizza Mutt, green for Apple Cheddar and brown for Carob Cheesecake (new flavor). Treats are organic, wheat, corn, soy-free and contain no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients as well as no preservatives, fat, salt or sugar, the company reports.


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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 2 of 11)

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