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12:34 AM   April 19, 2015
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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 5 of 11)

Hueter Toledo Inc.
Pet Memory Stone
Booth No: 3043

The Pet Memory Stone is designed to be a lasting way to celebrate a pet. Appropriate for use in the garden, in the yard or to mark a burial spot, each marker is packaged in an individual carton. Durable outdoor plastic make the markers a low-cost alternative to granite, the company reports. The small marker measures 5x5 inches; the large marker measures 14x10 inches and includes a photo frame. Customers can choose from five standard messages plus their pet’s name and year of passing engraved or choose to have a personal message engraved.



Hurtta/Best Friend Group Oy
Hurtta Collection
Booth No: 3951

The Hurtta Collection is designed for the year-round, everyday life of an active dog. The collection contains a wide array of products that withstand demanding use and provide technical features, such as breathable materials, taped seams and adjusting mechanisms, the company reports. Water-resistant and breathable protective clothes are especially well suited for dogs with a soft and long coat, as well as dogs that suffer from allergies and skin problems, the company adds. A large selection of sizes is available for more than 200 dog breeds.



I-Med Animal Health
I-Lid ‘n Lash Hygiene Vet
Booth No: 3566

I-Lid ‘n Lash Hygiene Vet is a hydrating cleaning gel for eyelids and lashes formulated with hyaluronan. The gel is ideal for removing unsightly tear stains, reducing noxious tear film and facial fold odors, as well as treating animals suffering from KCS and corneal abrasions, according to the company. The gentle formulation does not sting or burn companion animals’ lids or skin, and leaves no irritating residue, the company adds.



Idea Factory Inc.
Rinse Ace Pet Shower Deluxe Plus
Booth No: 1963

Idea Factory introduces Rinse Ace Pet Shower Deluxe Plus, which is designed to enhance the at-home pet bathing experience. The improved three-setting sprayer inlcudes a full body spray for rinsing the pet quickly; a concentrated spray for targeting water flow to avoid delicate areas; and a pulsating spray for a pampering effect, the company reports. The improved sprayer also features an easy-glide lever to allow users to select the water flow level with one finger and fluctuate from pause to light to full, the company adds.



Ideal Pet Products
Perfect Pet Soft Cat Flap
Booth No: 566

The new Perfect Pet Soft Cat Flap doors are designed for cats up to 25 lb. The soft vinyl two-way flap is magnetized to a floating sill for good closure, is clear allowing a cat to see through and is safe for paws, ears and tails, the company reports. Each Soft Flap cat door comes with a closing slide to restrict a pet’s movement if necessary. The strong ABS frame telescopes and can be mounted in interior or exterior doors from 1 ¼ in. to 2 in. The doors are available in small and medium sizes.



iMARC Engraving Systems
New Designer Line Pet ID Tags
Booth No: 1887

Let your customers’ pets show some personality with iMARC’s new Designer Line, the company announces. Exclusive to the iMARC System, the tags are made-to-order and offer thousands of new choices for customers, including the option to engrave on the back with the iMARC Engraver.



Infotrade Media Co., Ltd.
Pet Trader
Booth No: 3964

Pet Trader offers information on international shows and profiles of companies, including a wide variety of product information. Pet Trader is an all-purpose purchasing guide for foreign buyers and an absolutely essential tool for people making global purchasing decisions, the company reports.



Juno's Garden
Pal Dog Oatmeal Shampoos
Booth No: 247

Juno's Garden, manufacturer of organic skin care solutions for pets, introduces a new Oatmeal Shampoo line formulated for puppies and light-colored dogs. Pal Dog Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo, a low-suds, gentle formula for puppies and dogs with itchy skin, features honey and green tea. The Pal Dog Oatmeal & Almond Shampoo is a natural formula for brightening light-colored coats and adding shine. Free of dyes and harsh chemicals, the organic shampoos leave a healthy sparkling coat, the company reports.



Just Because For Dogs
Just Because For Dogs Treats
Booth No: 224

Just Because For Dogs treats are free of wheat, corn, brewer’s yeast and sorbitol, and are formulated to meet the needs of dogs with dietary issues, such as diabetes, obesity and wheat allergies. These treats are a great training treat as they are fat-free with four carbohydrates, the company reports. A nutritional label on the box lets pet owners know exactly what they are giving their pets. The treats are all-natural and made in the USA, the company adds.



Kathy Santo Everyday Pets
Don't Chew Dare
Booth No: 2769

Kathy Santo Everyday Pets announces its Don't Chew Dare is an all-natural anti-chew product with two lines of defense: a scent that repels dogs and an unpleasant taste. Combined with proper training and toys, it will help put an end to destructive chewing, the company reports. All active ingredients are USDA-certified organic. Don't Chew Dare is available in 8-oz/236ml spray bottle or pillow pack.



Nature's Benefits
Booth No: 3155

Kaytee Nature's Benefits daily diets are an all-natural way to provide pets with the added essential nutrients needed for a healthy and active life, the company reports Granola Clusters are made with a blend of mixed nuts, carrots, papaya, sweet potatoes, banana, corn and other all-natural ingredients bound together with molasses in a crunchy, delicious nugget, the company adds. Every Nature’s Benefits diet is specifically formulated for each animal to ensure the ingredients are just what your customers’ pets need to stay healthy.



K&H Manufacturing, LLC
K&H Cool Breeze
Booth No: 1181

This go anywhere Cool Breeze folding pet bed is perfect for a camping trip, a quick picnic in the park, or anywhere a pet needs to stay cool, dry and comfy, according to the company. It folds up in seconds and includes its own carrying bag with strap for easy transporting; it is available in three sizes and includes a two-year warranty.



Klauber Enterprises Inc.
Doggie Doo Drain
Booth No: 4069

Made in the USA, the Doggie Doo Drain is designed to be the most simple, convenient and eco-friendly way to dispose of pet waste. No assembly is required; homeowners can install it in minutes, the company reports. The drain screws into an outdoor sewer or septic clean-out, and dog owners then place the dog’s waste in the receptacle and rinse it down with a small amount of water. The waste is deposited into a sewer or septic line just as waste is from a toilet.



Kool Tees
Black/pink printed shirts
Booth No: 0912

Kool Tees offers a line of T-shirts for dogs and adults, as well as collegiate shirts, sweaters and toys for dogs. The shirts can be customized with a store name or location at no charge, the company reports.



Kong Company
Kong Genius
Booth No: 3373

Kong Genius is the newest line of interactive treat dispensing toys from Kong. Designed to hold a dog’s attention while developing their problem solving skills, the Genius toys can be stuffed with any of Kong's Stuff’N dog treats, including new IQ treats made from 100-percent salmon. The toys can also be filled with kibble and used as a mealtime feeder. Made in the USA using high quality, extremely durable TPR, the toys are appropriate for average chewers and available in small, large and extra large sizes, the company reports. They are also available in two interlinking shapes that can be connected for added challenge.




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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 5 of 11)

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