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3:48 PM   April 28, 2015
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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 7 of 11)

Natren Inc.
Natren Inc.
Booth No: 4085

Caninedophilus is formulated as a completely holistic, chemical and filler-free probiotic, containing no fillers that may pose a risk to some dogs’ delicate gastrointestinal tract. Caninedophilus contains selenium, E. faecium NCIB 10415 as well as L. acidophilus NAS, Lactose, Vitamin A, Vitamin E in a vegetable oil matrix.



Natura Pet Products Inc.
EVO Wild Cravings
Booth No: 301

New EVO Wild Cravings dog and cat treats from Natura Pet Products feature a grain-free, high-meat and lower-carbohydrate approach to treating that can help keep dogs and cats fit, according to the manufacturer. A variety of offerings are now available to address common concerns ,such as joint health, food sensitivities and weight management, the company reports. Several treats are complete and balanced, meaning they can replace a significant portion of the pet's diet without throwing it out of balance, the company adds.



Nature’s Dog by Canus
Goat’s Milk products
Booth No: 3051

Nature’s Dog offers a line of all-natural fresh goat’s milk products, including shampoos, healing wipes and healthy dog treats, the company announces. Goat’s milk is Mother Nature’s remedy for itchy, irritated canine skin and Nature’s Dog makes it even better by adding soothing botanical oils to its shampoos and wipes that can bring a healthy shine to any dog’s coat, according to the company. The naturally wholesome goodness of goat’s milk in a low-calorie, crunchy, bite-sized bone is a great nutritional gift, too and its rich proteins and vitamins are easily absorbed by canine systems, the company adds. These dog treats are free of wheat, soy, corn, and contain no artificial preservatives, flavors nor animal by-products.



Nature’s Variety
Instinct grain-free treats
Booth No: 3058

Nature’s Variety announces new Instinct grain-free treats. Each oven-baked biscuit is made with pure and wholesome ingredients that have been carefully selected for quality and nutrition, the company reports. Instinct grain-free biscuits come in four delicious flavors, including Chicken Meal - Cranberries and Garlic; Lamb Meal - Carrots and Mint; Duck Meal - Sweet Potatoes and Cinnamon; and Rabbit Meal - Apples and Ginger. All Instinct biscuits are a healthy treat option for dogs with grain allergies and have prebiotics and beneficial microorganisms for digestive health, the company adds.



NaturVet/Garmon Corporation
NaturVet’s Powders & Soft Chews
Booth No: 3046

NaturVet presents its new lines of powders and soft chews, including powder formulas for Puppy, Adult and Senior Stage Vitamins; Joint Health Levels 1, 2 and 3; Digestive Enzymes; All-In-One; Allergy Aid; and Skin & Coat care. Soft chews formulas include Hip & Joint, Hip & Joint Plus, Allergy Aid, Calming Aid, Skin & Coat, and Coprophagia, which helps prevent stool eating, the company reports.



Nestlé Purina PetCare
Beneful IncrediBites Dog Food
Booth No: 2043

Beneful Brand is introducing IncrediBites in order to leverage the small dog ownership trend, the company reports. The kibble sizes are smaller than Beneful original and are available in 14- or 16- oz. stay-fresh pouches per box; two boxes per case.



Next Gen International Corporation
Green Tea Leaves cat litter
Booth No: 804

Green Tea Leaves and Flush Clean cat litters are made from 100-percent recycled wood and clump, flush and are compostable, according to the manufacturer. Wood is a natural deodorizer, and the green tea works to suppress the growth of bacteria in the litter box, the company reports. In addition, the litters do not contain any artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals.



Get Naked Products
Booth No: 414

The Get Naked nutritional program is a compatible line of natural and organic functional treats and supplements for animal good health and well-being, the company reports. Get Naked products are formulated to be compatible and complimentary, allowing pet owners to mix and match based on their pets daily needs. Made in the USA, the products are wheat- corn- and soy–free, have no added salt, sugars or gluten and are also available in Joint Health, Gut Health, Puppy Health, Low Calorie and Oral Health.



Nurtured Pets
Anti-Lick Strip Prevent
Booth No: 884

Stop destructive licking, biting and chewing of hot spots, post-surgical sites, insect bites and more with this all-natural active ingredient bandage, according to the company . Anti-Lick Strip Prevent features peel-and-stick medical-grade adhesive backing for easy application as the bandage is applied to a problematic site, and then the natural active ingredients—including cayenne pepper—effectively deliver powerful deterrents to the animal’s nose when smelled and tongue when licked, the company adds. The strips are available in S, M or L sizes.



Paw-Gels for Cats
Booth No: 1411

Nutri-Vet offers five condition-specific feline supplements that are easy to give, tasty, and simply applied to a cat’s paw, according to the manufacturer. Each product is veterinary formulated to help cats live healthy, vital lives. Supplement formulas include Hip & Joint Paw-Gel that maintains joint function; Uri-Ease Paw-Gel that supports urinary tract health; Hairball Paw-Gel that helps prevent hairballs; Multi-Vite Paw-Gel that maintains a healthy immune system; and Pet Ease Paw-Gel that helps calm and relax cats, the company reports.



Oragenics Inc.
Teddy’s Pride
Booth No: 3960

Teddy's Pride Oral Care is a flavorless and tasteless oral care probiotic for cats and dogs of all ages, according to the company. Users simply sprinkle it on their pet's food once daily and their pet's bad breath is gone, the company reports. The product is made in the USA in a GMP, A-rated facility; backed by 25 years of research, the company adds.



Oxbow Animal Health
Booth No: 1384

Oxbow Animal Health introduces Oxbow BeneTerra. Organic Rabbit and Organic Guinea Pig are specially-formulated to mirror the nutrition these animals would find in their natural environment. Containing more than 95-percent organic ingredients, the pelleted feeds are a wholesome combination of premium high-fiber grass hay and high-quality nutrients essential for the health of small animals, the company reports.



P & E Innovations, LLC
Pieceoflove Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treat
Booth No: 3788

Pieceoflove Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treat is a 100-percent natural, healthy, safe, tasty, pleasant and functional chew treat for the joy and well being of dogs of all ages and sizes, according to the manufacturer. The chew treat is low in fat, high in dietary fiber, a good source of vitamin A (beta-carotenes) and minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, and contains no preservatives or animal by-products, the company reports. The treat is non-brittle and causes no internal blockage problems, the company adds.



Pangea Rocks
3D Aquarium Decoration
Booth No: 1565

Pangea Rocks, which has produced decorations for large public aquariums and zoos for many years , is now introducing realistic 3D aquarium decorations to the U.S. market. With the new and improved aquarium backgrounds and modular stones, it is now possible for your customers to create an even more spectacular home aquarium with great emphasis on original creativity and attention to detail, the company reports.



Paper Russells LLC
Grrreen Stationery
Booth No: 253

Paper Russells presents its Grrreen Stationery line, eco-friendly stationery and gifts for pet lovers and their friends. The line includes greeting cards, boxed notes, single notes, invitations, gift enclosures, magnets, and limited edition framed prints.



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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 7 of 11)

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