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3:05 AM   April 27, 2015
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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 8 of 11)

Paragon Products B.V.
Vegetable Edible Dog Chews
Booth No: 706

Vegetable edible dog chews are designed to provide dental care and vegetarian alternatives. Available in innovative shapes, such as toothbrushes, hedgehogs, alligators etc., the pure, natural products use no artificial colorings and flavorings, the company reports. All ingredients are GMO free, sugar free and low in fat, the company adds. Gluten-free products are also available.



Party Animal Inc.
Organic Formulas: California Chicken Recipe
Booth No: 3065

Party Animal Organic Formulas “California Chicken Recipe” dry dog food is formulated for all life stages and is made with fresh organic ingredients, including chicken, select grains, fruits and vegetables. The formula also contains vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth, the food is available in 5-lb and 25-lb bags, the company reports.



PBI Gordon Corporation
Booth No: 2867

ProZyme is an all-natural product containing plant-derived enzymes that aid pets in getting the maximum benefit from their food, the company reports. The enzymes help break down carbohydrates, fats, fiber and protein to make them more available to the digestive system, as improved digestion may enhance health and help reduce the occurrence of gas, dry skin, dull coat, lack of energy and weight issues, the company adds.



PetAg Inc.
DogSlim Powder and DogSlim Treats
Booth No: 1956

PetAg introduces DogSlim powder, an all-natural, low-calorie meal replacement, and DogSlim, natural oven-baked treats, to help owners implement a well-managed weight loss plan for pets, according to the company. The high-fiber liquid meal helps curb hunger and increase stamina while providing essential vitamins, minerals and milk proteins, the company reports. The soft oven-baked and bite-sized functional treats include DogSlim Low-Calorie Bites with an all-natural, anti-oxidant filled treat with real pumpkin and green tea, and DogSlim Mixed Fruit and Veggie Bites with apple fiber, strawberries or carrots, the company adds.



PetAirapy LLC
Booth No: 3867

The PA-777 is an air-purification system designed with medical-grade UVC light technology and six layers of purifying power, including four different filters to trap allergens--such as pollens, ragweed, dust, dust mites and dander. The commercial/medical-grade UVC germicidal lights kill a variety of bacteria, mold, viruses and other micro-organisms that can trigger allergic reactions, respiratory illnesses and infections, the company reports. These lights effectively kill more than 99 percent of germs that can lead to kennel cough--one of the most common canine illnesses--as well as allergens, bacteria and all flu viruses, the company adds.



Petaware LLC
Petaware LLC
Booth No: 633

Pets' Spark is formulated to provide a healthy pro-active way to eliminate the bacteria that causes ocular discharge and stains around the eyes, mouth and feet of dogs and cats, the company reports. Pets' Spark is free of artificial colors and flavors and is available in beef liver, chicken, sweet potato and vegetarian flavors.



Pet Care Systems
Swheat Scoop
Booth No: 1243

Swheat Scoop natural wheat litter is a biodegradable, clumping litter made from naturally processed wheat, which provides outstanding deodorizing power, the company reports. Clay-free, chemical-free and fragrance-free, Swheat Scoop litter is naturally better for kittens, cats and the environment, the company adds.



Pet Edge Dealer Services
Polka Dot Collection
Booth No: 1943

PetEdge Dealer Services presents its Pastel Polka Dot Collection. The collection includes the East Side Collection apparel, collars, leads and carriers; Zanies bone toys; coordinating Aria Clip Bows, and much more. Retailers can display the entire collection in their shops by investing in the traffic-building custom Pastel Polka Dot Collection Section, the company adds.



Pet Goods Manufacturing
Bone Toy with Squeaker
Booth No: 3069

The Bone Toy with Squeaker is made in the USA with custom-printed collegiate fabric, front and back, and accent piping. One of many products offered in the company’s Officially Licensed Collegiate Line, the manufacturer reports it is currently licensed with more than 30 universities.



Pet King Brands Inc.
Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution
Booth No: 3765

Pet King Brands announces Zymox Ear and Skin Care products, which use the patented LP3 Enzyme System with broad spectrum capabilities to eradicate acute and chronic infections of the ears and skin with no worry of common toxic side affects when using harsh chemicals and prescribed antibiotics, according to the manufacturer. Zymox Enzymatic products provide a proven natural antibiotic alternative and are easy to use and safe for any age pet, the company reports.



Pet Society
Magic Color
Booth No: 3747

Magic Color, a temporary die formulated with FDA-approved cosmetic pigments approved by the FDA, is used to color a pet’s coat and can be completely removed in up to three bath sessions--98 percent of the color goes away in the first bath, the company reports. Magic Color is a nice way to give a short-coat pet a tattoo or a new style for a long-coated pet and is another service that the groomers can provide to their clients, the company adds. Its liquid form makes it easy to use and is available in three colors: yellow, blue and pink.



Pet Ventures Inc.
Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Liver Plus treats
Booth No: 2858

Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Liver Plus treats are 100-percent natural and are freeze-dried to preserve the aroma, full flavor, and complete nutritional value found in chicken liver and fruits and vegetables, according to the company. The treats are rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients, and make for a healthy snack to treat, train and reward dogs, the company adds. Made with real fruits and vegetables, they do not contain wheat, corn or soy and have no additives, preservatives and coloring.



Evolution Retractable Leash
Booth No: 943

Petmate new Evolution leash is designed to give pet owners control and comfort while retaining a dog’s sense of freedom. The patent-pending ratchet system keeps the leash from tangling around an owner’s legs, dog’s legs or anything else, and the tangle-free inlet keeps the webbing from getting jammed inside the housing, the company reports. The leash features a custom-designed thumb control for easy stopping and locking, and the overmolded handle is lightweight and ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit, the company adds. Available in red, blue and black, the Evolution retractable leash comes in toy/small and medium/large sizes.



Petrol Inc.
Petrol Fuel for Dogs
Booth No: 4053

Petrol is a dog treat beverage with vitamins and 100-percent natural flavorings for optimum canine health and wellness, the company reports. This vet-formulated drink is refreshing and nutritious; dogs lap it up four to one over water, the company adds.



PetZen Products
DogTread Motorized Exercise Treadmill
Booth No: 3587

PetZen’s DogTread is engineered specifically for dogs by people who love and train dogs and have decades of experience designing treadmills for humans, according to the manufacturer. The same high-quality standards found in the leading human treadmill companies were applied to create dog treadmills that are safe, durable and easy to use, the company adds. There are three sizes to choose from.




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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 8 of 11)

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