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11:46 PM   April 21, 2015
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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 10 of 11)

Expandable Wooden Dog Crate
Booth No: 423

The Expandable Wooden Dog Crate is made of high-finish solid wood and expands to create more space for your customers’ dogs, the company reports.



Sanypet Spa
FORZA10 Oto Active
Booth No: 4242

FORZA10 Oto Active is formulated to treat food-related inflammation and ear problems caused by multiple factors, according to the company. As with other Active Line products, Forza 10 Oto Active consists of 10-percent marine fish mono-protein kibbles mixed with special, cold-processed tablets that are made of ultra pure hydrolyzed fish proteins, the company adds.



Scruffs ECO Pet Bed
Booth No: 4155

The Scruffs Eco pet bed cover is made from a super-soft, warm and comfortable fleece fabric woven from yarn that is made from recycled plastic bottles, which reduces the burden on landfills and natural resources, the company reports. The same process is used to produce a 100-percent recycled green-fiber fill that has unmatched cushioning, resilience and insulation characteristics, which is channeled into gussets throughout the bed providing additional support for dogs, the company adds. Scruffs Eco pet bed measures 100x70cm and has a deep fill of 18cm. The bed can be machine washed at 30° C (cool wash) or can be hand washed using a mild detergent.



Sergeant's Pet Care Inc.
Sergeant's Pet Care Inc.
Booth No: 2547

The new Barkery treats from Sergeant’s are low-fat, rich in omega fatty acids and help clean dogs’ teeth, the company reports. The peanut butter, bacon and chicken flavors make them irresistible to dogs, the company adds.



Rope Toys
Booth No: 450

Simply Fido’s Tough Rope Toys are made from certified organic cotton and colored with plants and minerals, the company reports. Available in Monkey, Lamb and Dog characters, the toys are the perfect size to toss and tumble, the company adds.



Southpaw Naturals
Southpaw Naturals Grooming Products
Booth No: 319

Southpaw Naturals presents Southpaw Naturals Grooming Products. The botanically based natural shampoo, conditioner and hot spot spray feature 75-percent certified-organic ingredients and are 99-percent natural, the company states. The are also pH-balanced, contain no SLS and are naturally scented.



Stella & Chewy's
Wild Alaskan Salmon Carnivore Kisses
Booth No: 2159

Stella & Chewy’s, a natural, raw pet food company, announces it is adding to its lineup of nutritious and tasty food for dogs and cats. The newest dog product is 100-percent Wild Alaskan Salmon Carnivore Kisses. Other available flavors of Carnivore Kisses include beef, bison, chicken and duck.



Super Pet
Gazebo Hutch
Booth No: 3143 and 3155

Super Pet reports its new and improved Gazebo Hutch provides rabbits with the ultimate outdoor habitat. Made from quality materials, the elevated hutch is designed to withstand the test of time against outdoor weather conditions. The Gazebo Hutch includes proper ventilation, secure locks, a hay manger, a nesting box hideout, a built-in storage drawer and pull-out tray with wire grate for easy cleaning. The eco-friendly Gazebo Hutch measures 44.5x 44.5 x 60.5 inches, is easy-to assemble and is ideal for single small to medium rabbits, the company adds.



Sweet Corn Products LLC
No/No Baffle Tube Feeder
Booth No: 622

Sweet Corn Products presents two new tube feeder concepts--the baffle and the mesh feeding system--that are designed to solve two problems. Baffles keep some seed at upper levels until the entire feeder is nearly empty to prevent food fights and hungry birds, while the all-metal mesh sidewalls create thousands of feeding ports over nearly 100 percent of the tube, the company reports.



Sweet Feet & Beak
Super Shredder Ball
Booth No: 3447

Birds will enjoy hours of shredding with the new “Super Shredder Ball” hanging bird toy, the company states. Hand woven, all-natural jute mesh is filled with a huge amount of colorful paper along with food-dyed colored blocks, beads, spools and other wooden pieces. The toy is available in three sizes: 3-in. diameter for small birds, 5-in. diameter for medium birds and 7-in. diameter for large birds.



Talk To Me Pet Products
Canine Harvest
Booth No: 1163

Canine Harvest provides dogs with a bounty of goodness and is prepared with the finest ingredients made in the USA’s heartland, according to the company. Canine Harvest is a wholesome snack that contains no wheat, corn or soy and is made with real vegetable and fruit pieces, real chicken, and no artificial colors or by-products, the company adds.



Tee-Zed Products LLC
Bindaboo Retractable Gate
Booth No: 900

The Bindaboo Retractable Gate is designed to fit narrow to wider openings up to 55-in./140cm and is suitable for doorways, hallways and stairs. Made of sturdy and durable mesh, it retracts out of the way when not in use with fittings and mounting templates that are included for easy installation, the company reports. UV-protected, the gate can be used indoors and outdoors and comes with two sets of mounting brackets for convenient relocation.



Team Technology Inc.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Booth No: 1870

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that can streamline processes, deliver robust reporting and business intelligence, and connect employees, customers and partners across a global marketplace, the company reports. Flexible and easy to use, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a user experience tailored to people’s roles within an organization, helping them work productively, make confident decisions and respond quickly to marketplace opportunities, the company adds.



Thundershirt, LLC
Rugby Thundershirt
Booth No: 3969

Thundershirt has recently added a new rugby style blue and white shirt to its pressure-wrap product line. The Thundershirt is a patent-pending pressure wrap that applies a gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso, which helps alleviate stress from loud noises and other anxious situations, according to the company. The wrap has proven successful with thunderstorms, fireworks, construction noise and most other loud noises, the company reports. The Thundershit is available in all dog sizes.



TowerStar Pets
Neater Feeder
Booth No: 4073

The Neater Feeder is a revolutionary feeding system for dogs and cats that contains spills and splashes caused by pets or people, according to the company. Made in the USA, the two-part containment system allows food to stay in the top reservoir while water drains into the easy-to-empty lower reservoir, protecting floors and walls and making cleanup a snap, the company reports.




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Global Pet Expo 2010 Product Preview Continued (Page 10 of 11)

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