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3:43 PM   April 28, 2015
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Beijing Deep Blue Aqua Company Limited

By Agnes Ho

Being a devoted marine fish hobbyist, Jason Xu, a native of Beijing, China, is one of the pioneers to grow the ornamental fish market in China. 

“There are many marine fish hobbyists in China, including myself, and we know that there are many good products and information out there that we can’t get in China.”  Xu says. “That’s why we started Deep Blue Aqua Company in 2006, with a vision to become the leading and most influential retail source for quality aquarium products, livestock and information in China.”  

Deep Blue Aqua currently has seven retail stores: five in Beijing, one in Chongqing and one in Shenzhen. The company plans to open 30 to 50 retail stores across the nation in three to five years. The stores carry a wide range of reefing equipment, including filters, skimmers, filtration materials, heaters, chillers, lighting, pumps and pH monitors, as well as food, supplements, water conditioners, books, corals, live plants and saltwater and freshwater fish. They also offer on-site services for residential and commercial aquarium set up, maintenance and technical support. 

Xu says that brand and quality are key factors in making product stocking decisions.  For livestock, he will choose species that have higher ornamental value, such as angel fish. American brands found in the store include Pinpoint, Brightwell, Kent, Seachem and New Life.

“The best selling products in the stores are protein skimmers.”  Xu adds.  “Pinpoint and Seachem products are selling pretty well too.” 

Xu believes that Deep Blue Aqua has great competitive advantage over other local stores because of the people working for the company. 

“We are all relatively young and have great passion for marine fishkeeping,” Xu explains.  “We have other jobs to support ourselves, which enables us to do what’s best for the hobbyists at Deep Blue Aqua. Compared to some overseas retailers, we are a bit shy in experience. We look forward to networking with more people in both domestic and overseas aquarium industry.”   

In addition to their retail store expansion plan, Deep Blue Aqua will be launching a facility in Beijing that carries corals and saltwater fishes imported from overseas. Xu claims that this is first in China. They will start testing water in this facility in late 2008. Deep Blue Aqua also holds forums periodically, offering a venue for hobbyists to interact with each other and learn from industry experts. <HOME>    

At A Glance:

Name of Business: Beijing Deep Blue Aqua Company Limited

Location: Flagship store located in 153 Laitai Flower Market, No.9 Maizidian West Road, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China

Owner: Jason Xu, General Manager

Years in Business: 2


Product and Services Offered: Aquariums, filters, protein skimmers, filtration materials, heaters, chillers, temperature controllers, lighting, pumps, coral, plants, live stock, seawater mixes, water conditioner, food, supplements and books.  They also offer on-site services for aquarium set up, maintenance and technical support.

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Beijing Deep Blue Aqua Company Limited

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