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6:57 AM   April 19, 2015
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Cat Marketplace: The Future of Supplements

Posted: March 19, 2013, 4:30 p.m. EST

Upcoming trends in supplements for cats include digestive aids and preventive solutions, while products that address hairballs and offer dental benefits will remain popular.
Sandi Cain

Cat supplements are expected to grow in popularity, according to manufacturers and retailers.

“The industry is growing,” said Allie Guffey, manager of Green Claws and Paws in Golden, Colo. “It's not stopping.”

Some of the growth will come through supplements that deal with digestion or promote general nutritional well-being, Guffey said.

David Masur, co-owner of Animal House Pet Store in San Diego, predicts that more cat owners will see supplements as ways to prevent problems before they start.

Supplements come in many forms.
Supplements come in a variety of forms: pills, powders, treats, liquids and more. Employees can ask cat owners questions to discover which supplement form will work best for their pet. Carrie Brenner/I-5 Publishing at Pet Country
“Usually, people come in when they have a specific problem,” he said. “Other people come in who have had an older cat [die]. They get a new one, and they're looking to stave off a problem before it starts. People are getting more educated.”

Also, Masur suspects that supplements designed to target dental and hairball issues will remain popular because all cats seem to experience these problems, and they often can be treated over the counter without having to go to the vet.

All this, sources said, is expected to alter how retailers stock their stores.

“Cat owners are becoming more aware and more apt to provide their cats with supplements,” said Peter Trevino, business unit manager for Tomlyn, a manufacturer in Fort Worth, Texas. “A lot of independent retailers are aware of that as well, and they're starting to look at that to expand the space in their stores.” 

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Cat Marketplace: The Future of Supplements

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