"Dogs on Zoom" Makes Pet Adoption Accessible Virtually

Shelter-in-place orders during the COVID-19 pandemic may physically distance us from family and friends, but there’s no shortage of media forms to help us stay connected. Take Zoom, for example. Its video-conferencing platform allows people to "get together" and catch up on the day’s events. Now, shelter dogs can get in on the fun through "Dogs on Zoom," and, hopefully, find a forever home at the same time.

"Dogs on Zoom" is a new virtual pet adoption program where people can adopt a pet without leaving the comfort and safety of their own home. Pedigree, a brand of Mars Petcare, and its charitable organization, Pedigree Foundation, launched the campaign as way to help facilitate pet adoptions while ensuring the safety of shelter workers and prospective pet owners.

"This new campaign was built to support shelters and dogs in need of forever homes, by tapping into the cultural trend of Zoom, a platform we’ve all brought into our lives as virtual connection continues as the new normal," said Craig Neely, vice president of marketing at Mars Petcare. "Through Zoom, we’re not only connecting potential pet parents to their forever pet, we’re also helping to digitize the adoption process for any shelter that wants to put this new best practice in place."

For every dog adopted during these virtual shelter events, Pedigree will cover the full adoption fee, as well as the Zoom membership and equipment costs for the shelter.

Initial "Dogs on Zoom" events kicked off in the Pedigree brand’s hometown of Nashville in mid-May with the Nashville Humane Association. Additional "Dogs on Zoom" virtual adoption events will take place across the country throughout May and June. Details can be found here.

Pedigree has also created a digital toolkit for shelters, which includes directions and tips to help facilitate the virtual adoption process. The toolkit can be found here.