Good Boy Studios Partners with Earth Animal

As part of a new partnership, Good Boy Studios (GBS)’s Pet Parade mobile social media app recently showcased Earth Animal’s new Nature’s Comfort Gel Pen, a cannabidiol (CBD) delivery system for dogs and cats. The product was introduced to "the millions of pet parents who spend an average of 20 minutes each day on the Pet Parade app," said company officials.

"We had a complex set of goals and chose to leverage GBS’s Pet Parade Online Marketing Platform for its premium audience and its mobile sampling and market research solutions," said Michael Cody, marketing director at Earth Animal in Southport, Conn. "We needed a partner who could quickly deliver samples to the right audience, identify the key issues pet owners wanted to address and compile data and insights for us to create impactful, relevant marketing."

GBS distributed more than 10,000 Gel Pen samples to dog and cat owners through the app in just over six weeks, officials said.

Using a short market research survey designed to better understand the conditions desired to be treated, the Pet Parade Mobile Sampling Program generated "more than 15,000 surveys completions and email opt-ins" to Earth Animal’s marketing program and well exceeded Earth Animal’s goals and outperformed similar program results by 50 percent, officials said in a press release.

Users who received the Nature’s Comfort Gel Pens were prompted to respond to a product review questionnaire confirming receipt and use of their CBD Gel Pen. Each customer rated and provided feedback on the product’s effectiveness and ease of use. Additionally, according to officials, 82 percent of respondents answered that they would purchase and use the Gel Pen again.

"Having an innovative, turnkey mobile asset and a marketing partner like Good Boy Studios was a game changer," Cody said. "They blew away our success metrics, and further provided brand awareness, engagement and actionable feedback from pet owners who had just used our new product. Armed with each customer’s input, we gained insights that allowed us to create targeted and highly personalized messages—based on their real-time preferences—truly powerful."

Good Boy Studios, a venture-backed technology company based in Stamford, Conn., created the Pet Parade Online Marketing Platform to enable pet businesses to reach millennial pet owners on its Pet Parade mobile app. The app is available on Apple iTunes and Google Play.