Mobile Pet Grooming Industry Shifts into High Gear

The mobile pet grooming business industry is accelerating quickly. So fast, in fact, that some mobile groomers are reporting a booked calendar for the rest of the year, according to officials from the Animal Behavior College (ABC).

Many pet owners are willing to pay more to enjoy the convenience of having grooming services brought to their doorstep. On average, mobile grooming costs anywhere from $70 to $90 (depending on the region of the country) with some groomers charging an additional convenience fee of $10 to $15, according to ABC officials.

"Even though mobile pet grooming services often cost more, busy owners are willing to pay for convenience, especially as their schedules become more hectic," said Keli Fritz, program manager for ABC’s Grooming Instruction Program. "It saves time and doesn’t disrupt owners’ schedules."

Homebound seniors are also increasingly turning to mobile grooming.

"For seniors with limited mobility, mobile grooming services are invaluable," Fritz said. "Some of our graduates who are mobile groomers have seen an increase in demand from this group, too."

Mobile grooming, however, isn’t always about what’s best for the owner.

"It’s also convenient for pet owners who have elderly or special needs dogs," Fritz said. "Some dogs can’t handle the car ride so having the groomer come to the home makes the experience easier on them."

Evthoxia Moustaka, a mobile groomer for the Aussie Pet Mobile franchise in Stamford, Conn., has seen this firsthand.

"Grooming one dog at a time and not having other dogs around creates a relaxing atmosphere for both of us," said Moustaka, whose appointment book is filled for the remainder of the year. "I’ve found that dogs both young and old and even dogs who used to hate being groomed [in a salon] now enjoy the experience."

Whether you have an established mobile business, are starting out or just want to boost sales, it’s important to know how pet owners go about choosing a mobile groomer. So, what do pet owners want? If they’re following ABC’s recommendations, pet owners want a certified groomer; recommendations from friends, veterinarian and/or dog trainer; to interview the groomer; to check out the mobile unit/van; and the ability to trust their own intuition.

"Communication is important," Fritz said. "Mobile groomers are members of each pets’ care team that helps owners keep them healthy and safe. Certified pet groomers do much more than bathe and cut hair. They are trained to look for certain conditions such as lumps, parasites and skin infections so they can immediately bring them to the pet owners’ attention. Trust and communication are essential in boosting and supporting relationships with all pet owners."