These Are the Most Popular Cat Breeds of 2019

Ask any cat owner and they’ll give you a list of personality traits that would put their fluffy friend in first place in any popularity contest. (I admit bias toward my own pets.) However, when it comes to popular breeds, cat owners can turn to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (


)’s Top 10 Cat Breeds of 2019.

The most popular cat breed last year, according to CFA’s list, is the Ragdoll. This "affectionate plush breed with big, beautiful, blue eyes" tops the list in part because of their popularity in China, with a 25 percent increase in registrations over the previous year, officials noted.

Taking second place is the Exotic, a breed developed to look like a Persian cat, but with a "dense, plush, short coat that gives them a soft teddy bear look."

The British Shorthair is the third most popular breed, one of the oldest English breeds of cats, according to CFA officials. The British Shorthair, which can trace its ancestry back to the domestic cats of Rome, was first prized for its physical strength and hunting ability.

Following these top three breeds are: Persian, Maine Coon Cat, Devon Rex, American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Sphynx and Scottish Fold.

Your cat didn’t make the list? No need to worry, CFA officials said. To put things in perspective, 95 percent of the world’s cat population is rescue, stray or household "non-pedigree" cats, officials added.

"Every cat has a place in the fancy," said Mark Hannon, president of CFA. "We welcome family felines to join Companion Cat World, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular class of cats."

So even if your lovable feline didn’t make the Top 10 breed list, take comfort that your friend will always take top honors in any personality contest.

The ranking was based on the number of cats that were registered in 2019. CFA officially recognizes 45 pedigree breeds as well as "non-pedigree" companion cats.