Inc., a West Chester, Pa.,-based pet product distributor, and Charitable Vending Management Inc., of Des Moines, Iowa, have launched a pet supply vending machine program. The joint venture offers individuals the opportunity to use vending machines to raise money for charities.

Through the program, individuals can purchase a vending machine package, which costs $5,300 and includes a vending machine built by Charitable Vending Management, initial stock of pet supplies from, a warranty and technical support. The vending machines will be available for purchase at and pet supplies will be available for purchase at Both websites are expected to launch within the next two weeks.

Program participants are encouraged to donate 10 percent of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. The vending machine will be customized to display a decal designating the benefiting charity. and Charitable Vending Management are marketing the program to their existing customer base as well as animal welfare organizations and anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

“There’s just an endless number of places to position these things,” said Jill Gizzio, owner of Inc.

Charitable Vending Management sales manager Bill Fankell added that the program can help pet store owners expand their business and brand name.

“They can use the machine as a billboard and, at the same time, expand their sales,” he said.

This marks the first time Charitable Vending Management, which is a division of The Wittern Group, is offering a pet supply vending machine, according to Fankell. The decision to team up with to introduce a pet supply vending machine makes good business sense, he said, because there are few pet vending machines on the market, compared to soda and snack machines, and the potential profits are greater.

“More profit can be generated because the price of a pet item can be up to $10 and still be acceptable,” he explained. “There’s more money to be made, which means more money to donate to the (charity), and there’s less competition.”

The program is also a nod to Charitable Vending Management’s roots; the division was launched as a way to raise money for animal shelters. <HOME>