Wagz Acquires Pet Tech Brand Petzila

(PRNewsfoto/Wagz, Inc.)

Wagz Inc. has acquired Petzila, the pet tech brand behind the Petzi Treat Cam.

In 2015, Petzila launched its Petzi Treat Cam—a remote treat dispenser, companion app and pet data collection platform that uses audio, video and rewards to allow pet lovers to see, speak to, watch and snap photos of their pets from anywhere. The compact unit allows users to immediately share photos and engage with like-minded pet lovers in the Petzi community. Consumer demand has been so significant that the company has struggled to meet retailer demand, according to company officials.

Petzi, and its tens of thousands of active users, have dispensed more than 10 million treats and produced 6.5 million video connections. The smart treat dispenser is available in Best Buy, Petco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Walmart and through leading online retailers like Amazon and Chewy.

This acquisition further strengthens Wagz position in the market by gaining deep consumer insights, high-demand products and big-name retailer relationships with an emerging powerhouse pet-tech brand, officials added. 

"This acquisition move goes far beyond just adding the Petzi treat dispenser to our connected pet lifestyle lineup," said Terry Anderton, CEO of Wagz, Inc in Portsmouth, N.H. "Petzila as a whole has been tracking with our efforts to develop revolutionary hardware, robust data collection, and meaningful social engagement that help us deliver more Wagz solutions and less worries. This is just the beginning as our Wagz dog nerds just got even smarter."

Acquiring Petzila is timely as Wagz recently launched its Serve Smart Feeder—a food delivery system that delivers the right food at the right time based on activity levels, and keeps dog owners connected to their dog from anywhere. 

"Wagz is dedicated to building a completely connected pet lifestyle—a world where pets have more of a voice and busy pet parents have more ways to engage with them," Anderton said. "The addition of Petzi brings an extra layer of connectivity and joy whereby playtime can happen from anywhere, at any time."

The Petzi Treat Cam will be available for distribution through the Wagz, Inc. website August 2018.