World’s Best Cat Litter Asks People to "Give a Crap"

World’s Best Cat Litter is asking people to share the hashtag #giveacrap on social media as part of its annual GiveLitter campaign, which is designed to equip U.S. shelters with cat litter. The campaign coincides with June’s Adopt-A-Cat month.

Supporters are asked to share the hashtag #giveacrap on their social media, along with a picture of their cat. For every post, World’s Best Cat Litter will donate one pound of its corn litter. Supporters can also participate by going online and wrapping a photo in a custom #giveacrap photo frame and sharing it on social media. For every share of the custom frame, the company will donate five pounds of litter. Up to one million pounds of cat litter will be donated.

"Each year more than three million cats land in the care of hardworking shelters," said Jean Broders, senior brand manager of Kent Pet Group, the Muscatine, Iowa-based company behind World’s Best Cat Litter. "They need a place to go before they go to a good home. World’s Best Cat Litter isn’t just a name on our bags, it’s a commitment to being the type of brand that stands behind the beliefs of cat lovers. We know they want the best for these shelter cats and we’re giving them a million reasons to feel good about showing it."

This year’s GiveLitter initiative has identified 20 shelters who will be the recipient of the donations. Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles is one of them.

"Kitten Rescue is so excited to be part of this year’s GiveLitter campaign," said Sandra Harrison, executive director of Kitten Rescue. "We are grateful to have been chosen and value our partnership with World’s Best Cat Litter. Over the years World’s Best Cat Litter has donated thousands of pounds of litter to our shelter. The money that we have saved from not having to pay for litter has enabled us to use those resources to pay for food and medical care for our cats."