Would You Rather Spend Time With Your Dog Than Go on a Date?

Dogs tend to be "man’s best friend," so much so that many men and women would rather spend time with their furry companions than go on a date, according to a recent survey by National Today, a company that tracks and promotes fun holiday and special moments on society’s cultural calendar. 

Specifically, the survey found that 23 percent of men would prefer to spend time with their dogs than go on a date and 39 percent of women would prefer spending time with their dogs to dating. 

The survey was conducted in observance of National Dog Day, which will be celebrated this year on Aug. 26.

National Today’s survey also revealed that 86 percent of dog owners tell their dog "I love you" at least once a month, 73 percent buy their dog a gift at least once a month, 70 percent would prefer to spend time with their dogs versus people and 68 percent of dog owners allow their dog to sleep with them at least once a month.

National Today also ranked the top dog-loving states. In descending order: California, New York, Washington, Tennessee, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Missouri, Ohio and Arizona.

"National Dog Day is on an upward trajectory and continues to grow in popularity," officials said on National Today’s website. "It is widely covered in the media each year and rescue homes are the all-important exposure they need to get their message across. Whether you choose to celebrate by volunteering at a rescue home, making a donation to a shelter or by giving your furry friend an extra big cuddle, make sure you spend this day acknowledging just how awesome dogs are."

The observance was created Aug. 26 in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle professional and animal advocate. 

"She created this day so that all dogs can be celebrated and also to draw attention to the number of dogs in shelters and to encourage adoption to those who have yet to find a place to call home," according National Today. "Aug. 26 is significant to Colleen because it is the day her family adopted her Sheltie when she was 10 years old."

Many people celebrate their pups every day, whether it be by lavishing them with treats, taking them on a stroll and/or inviting their four-legged friends up on the couch to snuggle—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the many ways Americans dole on their pets! So, how are you going to celebrate your pup on National Dog Day?