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As a pet professional, your primary concern is to provide your customers and their pets with the highest-quality products and services. This year, especially, you’ve been pulled in multiple directions to accommodate online sales, curbside pickup, inventory issues and staffing shortages. That’s why World Pet Association (WPA) is committed to providing members with a wide diversity of expertise to help grow and expand your businesses.

Membership in WPA provides you with what you need to continue to accelerate profitability—with service partners, association partners and Good Works partners by your side, who can collectively deliver educational opportunities, exclusive knowledge, industry research, and proprietary business and retail training.

The first-ever pet industry trade association, WPA has been committed to leading and shaping the profession for the past 70 years. While many member services are provided through the year-round, on-demand platform—WPA365—membership encompasses so much more. When you are part of WPA, you have access to industry expertise and connections any time you need them, as well as special discounts on business services just for members.

Discounts on Business Services

In the last decade, the market has been flooded with educational resources and remote learning for pet retailers. WPA curates the best of them for you, while also offering members special pricing on a complete catalog of resources, ranging from web and marketing trainings, business coaching, exam prep for grooming certifications, and retail and business expertise, just to name a few. As a WPA member, you’ll learn from industry leaders, including FetchFind, OneBark, Pet Boss Nation and more.

Valuable Partnerships

WPA is proud to collaborate with other nonprofits that support sustainability, promote greater understanding about human and pet bonds, and encourage independent retailers. The WPA Good Works program was established to help fund organizations that are working for the good of pets and the pet industry as a whole—to date, WPA has donated more than four million dollars. As a WPA member, you can benefit from these collaborations through an arsenal of education, best practices and awareness about some of the industry’s most important issues.

Industry Data and Research

For retailers and service providers, access to the latest industry projections, insight into consumer buying trends and awareness of demographics can help you stock the right products, at the right prices during the right seasons. WPA members have exclusive access to industry-leading research and case studies from Nielsen that can help inform your purchasing decisions and marketing tactics. You’ll also be able to enroll in marketing and business trainings that will provide retail statistics to help tailor your goals and actions.

Exam Prep for the Professional Groomer Credential (PGC) Program

The PGC program offers groomers an industry standard against which to assess practices and showcase their expertise to customers. Earning the PGC displays your experience, knowledge and dedication to providing premium services in the safest environment possible. As a WPA member, you also gain complimentary resources to prepare you for your credentialing exam and cover the cost of an online practice test.

SuperZoo is always an incredible place to connect with all the unique disciplines and thought leaders that shape and forge our industry. When you are part of the WPA community, those benefits don’t end when the show does. Instead, the perspectives and expertise of each member help to build our industry as a whole all year long. So many factors go into running a pet business—and yet, we are truly at our best when we share our specialized expertise for the greater good.

Learn more about becoming a member today, and how to access your member benefits through the WPA365 platform all year-round.

Current WPA Partners

Service Partners

  • Comp-Ware Systems
  • Crystal Media
  • Duan & Duan
  • FetchFind
  • NextPaw
  • Nielsen
  • OneBark
  • Paragon School of Pet Grooming
  • Pet Boss Nation
  • Small Business Rising
  • Spectrum Marketing Companies

Association Partners

  • American Humane
  • American Kennel Club
  • American Pet Products Association
  • IndiePet
  • International Boarding & Pet Services Association
  • National Alliance of Grooming Associations
  • National Animal Supplement Council
  • National Dog Groomers Association of America
  • Pet Food Institute
  • Pet Industry Distributors Association

Good Works Partners

  • Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition
  • Canine Care Certified
  • Catalyst Council
  • Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation
  • HumaneWatch.Org
  • National Animal Interest Alliance
  • Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
  • Pets in the Classroom
  • PGC
  • Pet Sustainability Coalition
  • Project Piaba
  • The Pet Care Trust

pete risano

Pete Risano is vice president of membership and partnership of World Pet Association (WPA).