Pixabay, puppy Image by klaravohlidkova

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to look at the world a bit differently. It’s influenced the way we work, how we shop and even the way we gather. But there’s another way the pandemic is influencing our lives: the names of our pets.

According to a survey conducted by Rover.com, a network of pet sitters and dog walkers, top-trending COVID-19-related names include Covi, Rona, Corona and Covie.

“Honorable mentions for the handful of dogs and cats named COVID and Fauci, and a very special shoutout to these two unique pets: a dog named Rona Von Covid and a cat named Dr. Fauci,” Rover officials said.

Additionally, people continue to be drawn to celebrity couple-inspired dog names, according to Rover. For instance, Tom Brady and Giselle (Bündchen), and Blake Shelton and Gwen (Stefani) are trending in popularity. However, certain celebrities are “getting more of the dog name love” than their significant others, according to Rover. Case in point: Chrissy is trending up, while Legend is trending down. Kanye, Mila and Jay-Z are also trending up, while Kim, Ashton and Beyonce are losing popularity as dog names.

Couple names aren’t the only celebrity inspiration, though. According to Rover, dogs named Keanu are on the rise and, once again, pets named Betty White are trending.

Overall, when it comes to 2020’s top female dog names, Bella came out on top, followed by Luna, Lucy, Daisy and Lola, according to Rover. As for dog names, Max was the most popular, followed by Charlie, Cooper, Buddy and Milo.

Rover also listed popular pet names influenced by musicians, TV figures, video games, food and sports, among other categories. The full list can be found here.