Consumers have been clutching their pocketbooks a little tighter during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but when it comes to the health of their dog, the funds flow a bit more freely. This is especially true in the dog supplement category, according to industry insiders. PPN reached out to several manufacturers and retailers to get a little more insight on this topic. Here’s what they had to say:

PPN: How is pricing of dog supplements affecting consumer choices in these difficult economic times?

“Pricing is an important factor right now. Not only do economic considerations shape the decisions consumers are making, but there are also more product choices and channels to shop. The power is in the consumers’ hands to be selective.”—Lara Bernhardt, director of consumer marketing for H&C Animal Health in Parker, Colo.

“Pricing per ounce or pound is crucial in the decision of buying a supplement. Consumers are very smart in how they research, the transparency they demand and understanding the benefits and value of how they buy today. It’s good to establish the ‘why’ they want and need to add a supplement to the normal buy of food and treats.”—Rob Johnson, vice president of sales, North America, for Brilliant Salmon Oil, a brand of Hofseth BioCare in Chicago

“We try not to acknowledge the pricing aspect when selling supplements. Ultimately, value is more important than price, so we try to focus on that. As in: ‘It only costs 50-cents per day or dose.’”—Aquila Brown, owner of The Yuppy Puppy in Spokane, Wash.

“What we see is value overcoming price. When pet owners see an issue addressed through functional supplements and their pet overcoming different health situations, they ascribe value to the unique ingredients of the supplement they use.”—Steve Ball, CEO for Zesty Paws in Orlando, Fla.

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