The cannabidiol (CBD) pet product category may be exploding in popularity, but the fast-tracked path is not without rocky patches. One huge hurdle? Regulation. Inconsistent standards and an overall lack of clarity in the category makes it a tricky landscape to navigate, according to Lee W. Mayberry, chief quality and regulatory affairs officer at Minneapolis-based Kradle. So, what factors would help smooth the path? PPN reached out to several industry insiders to find out.

What is your greatest hope for the CBD pet market?

“I look forward to having greater regulatory clarity. The industry and consumers will benefit from it.”—Lee W. Mayberry, chief quality and regulatory affairs officer at Kradle in Minneapolis

“My greatest hope is for more testing and documentation of the medical benefits in the pet medical colleges, without this medicinal product becoming a prescription. I never want limitations for use by the masses, or prohibition of it being sold in natural pet supply retail facilities. Money invested in testing often change realities. This reality is occurring with resistance of many veterinary clinics that benefit from prescription drug sales.”—Michele Hanson Pahan, owner of Riley’s Natural Pet Supply in Littleton, Colo.

“My greatest hope is that the federal government finally provides thoughtful and realistic guidelines that will allow for honorable brands to operate nationally, and ultimately internationally. This will also allow for the misleading stigma that CBD still is unable to completely shake off as a marijuana byproduct that can get the user ‘high.’ This alone would be a godsend for the industry.”—Min Lee, president of brand development and co-founder of Honest Paws in League City, Texas

“We look forward to reasonable regulation passing at the state and federal level as soon as possible. With the election and COVID-19, we are likely looking at spring of 2021 for congressional movement on CBD regulations. Our U.S. Hemp Roundtable bill has already been put forward, but we are told it won’t happen until spring. Meanwhile, CBD products—most of which are not even CBD—are showing up everywhere, including gas stations next to the five-hour energy drinks, and are causing category fatigue. The general consumer has grown skeptical, and rightfully so. If we in the pet world focus on curating only the absolute best products and provide science-based education to pet parents, we can protect and build the category far into the future—and help and save millions more animals in the process.”—Steve Smith, co-founder and president of Pet Releaf in Littleton, Colo., who has helped draft the U.S. Hemp Roundtable bill as part of his work on the FDA Committee

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