Honest Paws, grooming infographic

More than half of pet owners are not bathing their dogs as frequently as they should, according to a new survey by Honest Paws, a cannabidiol (CBD) pet product company. Perhaps that’s because only 24 percent of pet owners experience no frustrations when bathing their pooch.

Thirty percent of pet owners bathe their dog every month, 22 percent every three to four months, 20 percent every other month, 14 percent every one to two weeks, 8 percent every six months and 6 percent yearly or “hardly ever.”

“Our findings showed that over half of dog owners don’t bathe their dogs as regularly as they probably should,” officials said. “Which leads us to the question, how often should you wash your dog? Should they be bathed once a week? Twice a month? Every day like their human companions? The answer’s a bit more complicated.”

The frequency is generally based on a dog’s physical activity along with the physical characteristics of the dog, but overall, a dog should be washed once every four weeks, officials said citing Wendy Weinard, Petco’s manager of pet services grooming education.

“This ensures that their skin and coat are clean, free from harmful microorganisms and debris,” Weinard told Honest Paws.

Those who do have their dog bathed regularly do so at home, according to survey.

“Most pet parents are very comfortable washing their dogs right in the comfort of their own homes,” Honest Paws officials said. “In fact, only 5 percent of pet parents leave grooming their fur babies to a professional.”

The online survey ran in April 2021, and consists of no less than 322 completed answers, according to officials.

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