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For the first time in two years, SuperZoo, which is produced by World Pet Association (WPA), returned to Las Vegas in August to give pet retailers an opportunity to see the latest products and assess the market outlook for the months ahead. Judging by the number of foods, treats and supplements in the New Product Showcase and other areas on the show floor, like the new Health and Wellbeing area, it’s safe to say that pet wellness continues to be the top trend. Perhaps this is due to a more permanent work-from-home lifestyle, which enabled more bonding between people and pets, or maybe an unpredictable environment makes us want to control as many uncertainties as possible—but what is clear is that consumers are looking for solutions that extend their pets’ lives, promote health and provide every opportunity for animal companions to thrive.

“I am a new product junkie,” said pet retailer Lisa Senafe, president and co-founder of Bentley’s Pet Stuff. “I love seeing the newest and latest and greatest, and SuperZoo gives me a space to see everything and do that.”

The New Product Showcase at SuperZoo has always been the source pet retailers can turn to to discover the latest trends to stock in their shops. This year’s New Product Showcase winners featured specific wellness products, including bird stress recovery supplements, ear plugs to calm dogs during grooming, equine mobility products, healthy plants for fish, electrolyte pellets for horses, wound repair and reptile habitat coolers, to name a few.

“Retailers trust SuperZoo to showcase the latest trends and most popular products for the year ahead,” said Vic Mason, WPA president. “The New Product Showcase is always a harbinger of what’s to come for the industry, and this year was no different. The market has been showing a huge uptick in wellness products, which is exactly what we saw at SuperZoo.”

The global pet supplement market is expected to reach $1 billion by 2027 and has been expanding at a combined annual growth rate of 6.4 percent, according to Grand View Research. Products for dogs account for the largest share at more than 42 percent, mostly due to novel supplements.

“As people spend more time, money and energy on their health and feel the benefits, it’s natural that they want the same for their pets,” Mason said. “Revenue for pet products across the board has reflected a trend towards customizing human solutions for our animal companions so they can experience similar results.”

With people treating their pets more and more like family members, the pet industry continues to see a rise in premium products and services. In addition to supplements that promote coat, joint and gut health, cannabidiol (CBD) products for dogs and cats are on the rise to aid with anxiety and alleviate pain due to arthritis, age or other chronic conditions. This mirrors trends for human sale and consumption. Other novel products this year include equine topical solutions that promote wound healing and repel flies, equine electrolyte supplements to maintain equilibrium in hotter summers, and habitats that help reptiles and small animals keep cool.

While new brands and formulations of food and supplements are always hitting the market, what makes this time different is the arrival of entirely new categories of pet wellness products, including pet wipes, cat toothpaste, creative habitats and self-cleaning, Wi-Fi-connected litterboxes, which may reflect an even greater connection between people and pets that occurred during the pandemic. At the rate the industry is growing, expect even more new categories of products and wellness supplements to hit the shelves. While the industry grew substantially from 2020 to 2021, expect growth to increase by another $100 billion by 2027.

“The rise in e-commerce combined with a growing number of pet owners and a younger demographic has opened the floodgates for entrepreneurs eager to penetrate new markets as well as traditional categories like food and supplements,” Mason said. “And I think we have to remember that most pet retailers aren’t here solely to turn a profit. They’re here because they are passionate about people and their pets. Products that make pets’ lives better are going to succeed in our industry.”

The World Pet Association (WPA) brings the pet world together so quality interaction and education between and among product suppliers and pet owners can create healthier, happier pets and a healthier, more productive pet industry. Founded in 1950, WPA brings thought leadership, innovative thinking and best practices to the pet industry, working to inform and educate the general public in order to ensure safe and healthy lifestyles for our animal friends.