For cat lovers, there’s nothing quite like attending CatCon in person, which devotes thousands of square feet to unique cat merch, features celeb cats and celeb cat lovers, and generally gives us all permission to get cat crazy with our fellow feline aficionados. However, this year’s virtual event, which took place April 17-18 and was dubbed CatCon From Your Couch, offered us something perhaps more precious: For the first time, we didn’t have to leave our cats to attend CatCon.

The event kicked off with Heidi Gardner of “Saturday Night Live,” Georgia Hardstark from the podcast My Favorite Murder and Susan Michals, the creator of CatCon, talking about what it means to be a cat lady in 2021. The trio spoke about the outdated “crazy cat lady” stigma and why women should celebrate their love for cats. In fact, Michals recently created National Cat Lady Day, which took place on April 19, and said social media’s embrace of the holiday has shown “so much female love and empowerment.”

The fact that CatCon exists is perhaps the best evidence that we’re ready to dump the old cat lady stereotype and flaunt our love for cats. This year’s event featured a full roster of celeb cats and their people—including plenty of cat-loving dudes—talking about what makes their cats special. There were also sessions touching on educational topics for owners, such as cat health risks, digestive health in cats and ensuring our cats are happy.

Once my cat and I tired of watching videos of cats (or at least needed a break), we were able to shop dozens of exhibitors for unique feline-focused merchandise.

While I’m looking forward to a return of the live event next year—I love seeing so many cat lovers in one place—CatCon From Your Couch offered us cat people a cozy alternative and a way to connect with our fellow feline enthusiasts for a weekend-long catfest.