Bird enthusiasts can share stories and photos to celebrate National Pet Bird Day.

We all need more to celebrate these days, so here’s something we hope you can get behind. Sept. 17 is officially National Pet Bird Day, where bird owners and even potential bird owners across the country will share photos and stories and advocate for the growth of responsible bird ownership. 

The Bird Enjoyment & Advancement Koalition (BEAK) declared the first National Pet Bird Day last year, on Sept. 17, 2019, and it was a big hit. In fact,, the website on the receiving end of National Pet Bird Day traffic, saw roughly three times the number of new visitors in the 24 hours surrounding the holiday. When looking at peak hours, that spike increased to seven times the usual visitor rate and 12 times the new visitor rate. And this year’s National Pet Bird Day is expected to be even bigger.

The website,, features a fun and engaging quiz designed to pair respondents with the right bird species for their lifestyle, making it a great resource for potential bird owners as well as a fun activity for current bird owners as they check to see if they’re paired with the very bird they already own. With a whole host of notable features including retailer and avian veterinary locators as well as lists of pet bird species with detailed descriptions of the birds’ temperament, life span and other care tips, the website has helped countless consumers expand their bird knowledge. Since its inception just a few short years ago, myBird has received more than 2.7 million page views and generated more than 1 million bird recommendations.

Using calendar-based marketing or marketing around a specific day of the year allows you to increase the opportunity for immediate action. From our end, we’ll be using National Pet Bird Day as an opportunity to not only get the community talking about responsible bird ownership, but also as a way to drive them to our website to take the quiz, find a bird or a bird supply retailer in their area and celebrate the hobby.   

What can you do from your end? The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas:

• Share the date with your marketing team, incorporate posts on social media that include the hashtag #NationalPetBirdDay and celebrate your bird-owning followers or promote birds or bird care products in your store.

• Share a video talking about the birds or bird products in your store.

• Offer a discount on select bird items in honor of National Pet Bird Day.

There’s no wrong way to participate, but we really encourage you to join in on the celebration in whatever way you can.   

National Pet Bird Day encourages people to consider the responsibilities and commitment that come with having a companion bird and also helps educate them on the wonderful ways in which companion birds enrich our lives. We hope you’ll consider taking this day, Sept. 17, and making it all about these wonderful creatures, and if you’re like us and you need more than one day to chirp about birds, then take the week—or even the month—and dedicate it to our winged friends.



Brent Weinmann of Vitakraft Sun Seed Co. and Dean Reyes of Higgins Premium Pet Foods are chairman and president, respectively, of the Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition (BEAK). Current BEAK members include: American Pet Products Association (APPA), F.M. Brown’s, Higgins Premium Pet Food, Jones Seed Co., Mazuri, Petland, Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), Prevue Pet Products, Vitakraft Sun Seed, World Pet Association (WPA), Wyld’s Wingdom, Ware Manufacturing, Pet Supplies Plus, National Bird Show, American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) and Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC). If you would like more information about BEAK and how you can get involved, please contact Steve Hellem at