How Monarch Reptiles Helps Herp Hobbyists Succeed

Dawn Williams and Yan Fiset, co-owners of Monarch Reptiles

Dawn Williams, co-owner of Monarch Reptiles in Châteauguay, Quebec, Canada, discusses the store's top-selling products as well as the challenges of selling live animals. 

Pet Product News: What are the top-selling products in your store right now? 

Dawn Williams:  Zoo Med is our top-selling product—their paludariums, snake kits, amphibian kits, tropical kits, desert kits and all accessories. 

PPN: What are your favorite products right now? 

Williams: Zoo Med’s paludarium, Zoo Med’s Excavator Clay, Aquascape Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant, and Seachem, Aqueon and Tropica for aquascapes.

PPN: What industry trend(s) have you been keeping your eye on most closely? 

Williams: Bioactive—the concept of building a living, natural ecosystem for your herps—is becoming more and more popular as clients are wanting to have more all-natural setups for the reptile of their choice while making their terrariums or paludariums the focal point of a specific room.

PPN: What is the greatest challenge to selling live animals? And how do you tackle this challenge?

Williams: Most important is to make sure that each client has done their research before purchasing a reptile. We are always available to give a one-on-one personalized shopping experience to take the time to answer all questions and encourage more research and thought before purchasing the reptile, as it is a long-term commitment. We also are available to answer any questions or concerns once they have brought their new addition to their family home.

PPN: What business goal are you hoping to achieve in 2020?

Williams: We will be offering information courses and activities on a monthly basis to encourage our clients to meet other passionate reptile enthusiasts and to be able to realize their dream projects.

PPN: What is your best tip for connecting with customers?

Williams: We believe customer service is an important part of business. We try to give a personalized shopping experience to each and every one that passes through our doors. Honesty and integrity is of utmost importance to us, and we truly appreciate all of our clients.

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