TurtleClean 10 and 20 Deluxe Turtle Filters

Zoo Med Laboratories presents TurtleClean 10 and 20 Deluxe Turtle Filters. This is a fully submersible filter that cleans up to 10 or 20 gallons of water with ease. If a tank is tall and skinny, aquarists can use less of the tank’s footprint by placing this filter vertically. If a tank is shallow, they can lay the filter horizontally. Once set up, the filter can be dressed in one of several included attachments (spray bar or Venturi valve) to custom fit it to a habitat design. At cleaning time, the trap door allows users to effortlessly replace the filter cartridge without removing the filter from the tank. Hobbyists no longer need to worry about messy deconstruction of the filter and total disruption of animals when the tank starts to get dirty. The body of this filter can stay securely in place within the tank while the cartridge is quickly rinsed and cleaned in minutes.