Wahl Pet Products, a division of Wahl Clipper Corp. in Sterling, Ill., has once again partnered with nonprofit group Greater Good Charities for the annual Dirty Dogs Contest. Now in its ninth year, the contest aims to demonstrate the power of grooming while supporting dog adoption.

Animal advocate Lee Asher is also on board to help spread awareness about the importance of grooming when it comes to dog adoption. Asher, who has 11 rescue dogs, has spent the past four years traveling the country hosting adoption events, and educating people on the rewards of dog rescue.

“If shelter dogs could talk, they’d have amazing stories to tell,” Asher said. “Unfortunately, they can’t, so I’m happy to lend my voice, and help shed some light on the importance of grooming when it comes to adoption. The dog’s appearance can completely transform, but more importantly, the dog feels healthier and happier, and their true personality can finally shine through. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to capture the heart of their new human.”

As part of the contest, Wahl donated grooming supplies to rescues and shelters nationwide. In turn, these groups shared transformation photos to be included in the Dirty Dogs Before & After Gallery. The Top 10 Shelter Dog Makeovers of 2020 have been announced, but company officials are now calling for public votes to decide which three dogs will rise to the top. The organizations affiliated with these dogs will receive monetary grants to further support their efforts. First place will take home $5,000, second place will receive $2,000 and third place will earn $1,000.

The Dirty Dogs Contest runs now through Nov. 3.

Since 2012, Wahl’s donation of pet grooming supplies has helped rescues and shelters nationwide transform more than 130,000 dogs and get them ready for adoption, according to officials.

“Hundreds of these incredible makeovers have been captured through the Dirty Dogs Before & After Photo Gallery,” officials said in a statement. “What makes this gallery unique is that visitors can see what each dog looked like when they arrived at the shelter or rescue, and how they transformed once they were groomed. The site also allows visitors to search for adoptable dogs in their area, learn more about the dogs’ backgrounds and stories and share their favorites on social media.”

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