against the grain i'm single campaign

Against the Grain Pet Food has launched a Valentine’s Day campaign designed to help pet retailers boost sales. The campaign, “I’m Single!” highlights the company’s single-ingredient food Nothing Else.

“Against the Grain’s tongue and cheek (no pun intended) “I’m Single” campaign surrounding [the company’s] fan-favorite Nothing Else single ingredient dog food makes it easy for retailers to add fun and drive more sales through a healthy food solution with great margins this Valentine’s Day,” officials said in a statement.

Nothing Else is a loaf-in-gravy texture and is cooked in its own bone broth, according to officials. It is also grain-free, gluten-free, and does not have gums, corn, wheat or soy. The product is 100 percent made in the United States, officials further noted.

Against the Grain Pet Foods is based in Markham, Ill.