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American Pet Professionals (APP), an educational organization for pet businesses, has launched a monthly membership option. New members who want to join, but prefer paying a monthly membership fee, can now do so for either an individual or for people from within their company. APP will continue to offer its annual membership option. Enrollment for new members ends April 14.

“Membership enrollment is only open for a limited time, so we can go back to 24/7 working for our members who have just joined and those who have been with us all along,” said Nancy Hassel, president of APP. “We can’t wait to meet our new members and show them what they have been missing and how we help pet professionals grow, learn to be more profitable, work together and help pets and the pet parents they serve.”

In related news, Hassel has coined and trademarked the term “Qebinar.”

“We host monthly webinars for our members on different pet business topics, and sometimes they are traditional webinars, with slides and one person talking,” Hassel said. “But we also often host Q&A video style webinars with experts from various areas, and while I was hosting our latest one, ‘Why Pet Brands Should Work with TikTok Pet Influencers,’ I was introducing our guest and I stumbled on my words and said, ‘Qebinar’ when I was trying to say Q&A webinar, and I was like, yea, Qebinar—that’s exactly what this is. … It’s a sign of the times, and the last year we have hosted 70-plus live zoom networking events and over 30 webinars and Qebinars just for our members of American Pet Professionals.”

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