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Canidae is working with Talent Works, a recruitment processing outsourcing (RPO) provider, to hire more personnel to meet the “challenges the consumer product industry has experienced over the pandemic,” officials said in a statement. The premium pet food provider is looking to fill sales and marketing roles across the United States and corporate roles at its headquarters in Stamford, Conn..

“Talent Works has worked with Canidae’s hiring managers to place candidates in several challenging roles, rising to what are unpredictable market conditions experienced by the consumer goods and product industry,” officials said. “The hiring model reflects Canidae’s ‘Full of Goodness: good for pets, good for people, good for the planet’ proposition.”

Talent Works is also implementing a campaign for manufacturing roles at the pet nutrition facility in Brownwood, Texas, where Canidae researches and develops pet food recipes.

“We’re on a mission to make a difference to our consumers and the planet, and that starts with our people, who are the bedrock of our organization,” said Bret Furio, CEO of Candiae. “We’re looking forward to our biggest year ever, and we’re pleased to be working with Talent Works. The team at Talent Works is managing a flexible and sustainable RPO strategy that is attracting and securing the talent we need, at Stamford, Brownwood, and across other locations nationwide. It’s reassuring to have Talent Works in place that will help us to grow as we navigate uncharted territory.”

Talent Works is working alongside the company’s in-house hiring team as it launches several new systems, new training programs and new applicant tracking technology to help drive the business forward, according to officials.

“The value of this flexible RPO relationship for our business is that it allows us to focus on growth and success, not recruiting,” said Karen Casey, head of people and culture at Canidae. “This future-proof, flexible RPO model has allowed for an ebb and flow in talent acquisition that has catered to the needs of the business, even amid a time of continuous change.”

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