cbd dog health, green juju

Angela Ardolino, founder of CBD Dog Health, with Billy Hoekman, Green Juju’s vice president of nutrition and communication.

CBD Dog Health and Green Juju have partnered to help educate more pet owners and veterinarians on the benefits of plant food and medicine and how they work in synergy to help pets stay healthy and heal naturally.

“I’ve seen hundreds of pets turn their health around by simply switching to a species appropriate diet and adding a full spectrum hemp extract and medicinal mushroom regimen,” said Angela Ardolino, founder of CBD Dog Health in Lutz, Fla.

CBD Dog Health is a pet wellness company that offers a range of holistic products for pets, carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients, essential oils and high potency, full spectrum cannabinoid blends.

Green Juju is a pet food company that believes in the healing powers of whole foods, creating supplements for optimal pet health.

Billy Hoekman, Green Juju’s vice president of nutrition and communication, has been on the forefront of animal nutrition since 2014.

“Food is absolutely the most fundamental part of keeping your pet healthy. I think it’s our responsibility to help pet parents understand that,” Hoekman said.

The first stop of the Heroes of Holistic Healing educational tour will be at the AHVMA Annual Conference & Exhibition, an educational event for holistic veterinarians in Reno, Nev. CBD Dog Health will be hosting Cannabis Classroom lectures for veterinarians and holistic practitioners interested in learning more about cannabis therapies, on Oct. 2-3 at booth 603.

CBD Dog Health will also be sharing its AHVMA education with pet owners on Facebook Live. Pet owners will be able to learn directly from animal healers who have beat suffering and disease with food, plants and natural treatment, officials said. Some of the topics covered will be the importance of a fresh, biologically appropriate diet, the health benefits of medicinal plants and mushrooms, integrating fresh food into a pet’s diet, combating disease holistically with natural alternatives, and real solutions to the most common issues plaguing pets. Virtual attendees will be able to ask questions and receive discounts on recommended products, join virtually on CBD Dog Health’s Facebook page.

Heroes of Holistic Healing will also be visiting Tampa, Fla., Denver, New York and Chicago on the educational tour later this year and in Spring 2022.