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Embark Veterinary, a Boston-based company specializing in dog genetics, is launching Canine Health Summit on Feb. 15-16. The virtual educational conference is designed for dog breeders, dog owners, veterinarians and canine enthusiasts, and will feature presentations, panel discussions and interactive Q&A sessions presented by leading professionals across the canine health landscape, according to officials.

Specifically, attendees will learn best practices for preserving and enhancing genetic diversity in dog breeds, hear the latest news about canine research from leading scientists, and gain insights from champion breeders about how they incorporate health and temperament into their breeding decisions, officials said.

First day events will include:

  • A keynote presentation by Dr. Brian Hare, a professor of evolutionary anthropology and author of “The Genius of Dogs.”
  • A session by Dr. Adam Boyko, Embark co-founder and chief science officer, and professor of canine genomics at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, who will highlight ongoing research and discuss how attendees can support similar health initiatives.
  • A roundtable discussion led by the Westminster Kennel Club focused on the prestigious history of purebred dogs, and how breeders and owners can work together to improve the long-term health and vitality of each unique breed. The Health Summit will also be featured by Westminster as part of its Fan Appreciation Week.

The second day will feature the following:

  • A series of presentations designed by and for dog breeders to outline the long-term health and diversity of dogs.
  • A panel discussion on breed population diversity featuring veterinarians and canine health advocates, including insights from the Doberman Diversity Project.

“This Summit is an opportunity to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders who are all committed to canine health and highlight the cutting edge of genetic research and breeding, and discuss ways to work together to accelerate the pace of discovery in the future,” Dr. Boyko said.

In lieu of registration fees—the event is free—attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to the summit’s fundraiser benefiting Morris Animal Foundation to support canine health research. Embark will also provide a matching donation of up to $5,000 to Morris Animal Foundation in “honor of the many distinguished speakers and panelists of the summit who have donated their time to support this important event,” officials said.

“Morris Animal Foundation, as part of its research portfolio, has a long history of investing in canine genetics research to advance the health of dogs,” said Ryan Welch, chief development officer at Morris Animal Foundation. “We’re deeply appreciative of the generosity of Embark, and participants in the Canine Health Summit, for their contributions to help ensure this work continues.”

Attendees of the Canine Health Summit will have the chance to win appreciation gifts including free Embark for Breeders DNA Test Kits, and apparel and gift packages from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and Morris Animal Foundation, according to officials.

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